Tough but awesome day…

Had a bit of a debate with someone on Faceache last week who insisted that mediumship is “a Divine gift”. I don’t agree… sometimes what I see is horrifying, vile and I wouldn’t wish that “gift” upon anyone. At times, with ongoing investigations us sensitives can get almost “locked on” and linked in no matter how firmly we close down …sometimes for days or weeks (e.g. glimpses of horror during missing persons cases). Yep, tie a gift bow on that…The Faceache debate ended with the other person being rude and me taking the high ground and agreeing to disagree 🙂

Mediumship and clairvoyance (is for me anyway) an ability just like any other, just as some people become great gymnasts, athletes, concert pianists, because they have a natural disposition to be good at it and work damn hard to make the most of that ability and hone it. I wanted to be a gymnast funnily enough as a kid but was average at best, no matter how much I practiced, there was only so far I could go with the ability I had. I was no Olga Korbut but gave it my best and got my BAGA level 1 certificate, which wasn’t too shabby for a chunky kid like me. I was proud of it, proud of the hard work and sheer determination it took a non natural to attain what was to me at the time such dizzying heights. I still have that certificate and my badges somewhere… and I’m still proud as hell of them… but I digress…

Today was one of those mixed days I was referring to when it comes to my mediumship ability. It really is a great thing to be able to feel and see things through the eyes of a spirit person, to re-live their memories in full sensory 3D technicolor and physically feel as they felt too … until a murder victim wants to tell their story. Then it becomes a difficult honour to bear witness to.

“A”  came through during a sitting to get a message through to her own family …to make sure they know that she is truly at peace and has already forgiven the killer… She named him too and said they have caught him already. Amazing, and humbling to be in the presence of such peace and forgiveness… but very hard to see what was shown to me, I had to ask her to stop after a while as I saw and felt it all as if I were her. She showed me the leaves and dirt on her face in the shallow grave… she showed me her death, the violence, the pain. And then the wonderful peace as she left her body and the physical horrors behind completely in an instant… and was joined by her family who came to escort her Home. She also showed me how she helped the police to catch her murderer’s accomplice after the fact and told me his name too. She also named her friend who knew this was going to happen but was powerless to stop the cycle of violence, and said she was sorry to her for not listening.

So, a gift? For “A” and her family once my sitter finds her family connection and delivers the message, yes. For me, not so much, but nothing a night watching the Hobbit curled up with my husband and a large glass of Bailey’s won’t cure 🙂

Have a good evening folks. xx

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