New Moon …Planning and dreaming

Hi Folks,

Wellll this New Moon is pinging on my energies thats for sure! And I’d be very surprised if you weren’t feeling a tad affected yourselves!

This New Moon is a doozy… its firmly plonked in Pisces which means it is a great time to be making plans, dreaming big… a time for revelation and rebirth, which can often leave us feeling a bit shaky and vulnerable as we go through these changes. Not helped much by Mercury still being in retrograde so communications need to be clear and plans double and triple checked before being put into any kind of action until later this month… But all of this is well worth the discomfort!

So if like me, you’re feeling the Moon’s power right now, I’ve a great Mew Moon meditation for you on my website here (scroll down past the Wishing Moon info) that might help you to work through this challenging energy.

Lets ride the rollercoaster, feel the fear and do it anyway, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by harnessing and making the most of this energy.

With love and crash helmets…

Rachel xx