No more mediumship… but new services coming!

Hi All,

Well after much soul searching and deliberation, I have to put my health first and step away from mediumship altogether. Just to be clear, mediumship is just the part of my work that involves me speaking with your loved ones and others in Spirit, everything else I can do is still unchanged and I will continue.

There are a few reasons why I have had to step away from something I love. Numero uno is my health, as my guides have recently explained to me, working daily on the highest levels of mediumship is akin to a Formula One engine being run in a Mini car… something will go pop eventually and I would rather not have that happen. And constant health niggles despite my rigorous health kick and plenty of Reiki to maintain my wellbeing means I have to choose to be well and just stop. It is actually a small facet of the myriad things I do but has such an impact on my energy it has to go. I’ve placed the needs of others before my own for 22 years and so I have to choose my health now. I’m honouring existing bookings but will be taking no new mediumship requests from now on.

I do hope you all understand my reasons and do please continue to book all of my other services – nothing else has changed except the fact I will no longer connect to the spirit world.

On a brighter note – I am introducing some new services which have just naturally evolved in my work one to one with people over the years – especially excited about my new Angel Therapy Life Coaching sessions where you and I work together with the angels to reveal what you need to work on and invite into your life in order to move forward with confidence and become happier.

Watch this space folks!

With love and Bright Blessings

Rachel xx