Sadness and leaving behind badness…

I hope you all had a peaceful and love filled holiday period and for those of you who celebrate at this time of year, a joyful time 🙂

Sadly our family lost a cherished person on Christmas Eve, my great auntie Mirry, after emergency surgery earlier in the week. She was a real character and was very much missed, our family gatherings were very quiet and just not the same without her, but we took great comfort in knowing her husband Uncle Bill came to collect her from the world of Spirit and they’ve been inseparable and full of joy in being reunited again since her crossing over. She was in a lot of pain these past few years and I can sense just how huge a relief it was to leave the physical body and be pure consciousness again.

I got to spend some good quality time with my lovely grandmother who has vascular dementia but is very much herself a lot of the time, and she still knows who we all are and what’s going on around her while it is happening. My family warned me to brace myself, it had been some months since I’d seen Nanny and they felt I might be shocked and needed to prepare. A dear friend of mine gave me some sage advice just before I travelled down to Cornwall, having gone through watching her Dad deteriorate with dementia… she said “Just get on her level”… and it is so right!  My Nan has had a life long love of chocolate and cakes, but will no longer touch either. She has no interest in what was once her love of reading, and spends a lot of time staring into space. However, she has developed a deep love for French Fries (they are crisps if you are from the UK, chips if from overseas!) even though she would never have eaten them before… and the pure joy on her face when a bag is produced is priceless. I got on her level, and was actually pleasantly surprised not shocked at all by her. She is 89, and beautiful still inside and out, and if a bag of French Fries every so often and a soft blanket are her sources of joy, then I say more please 🙂 It doesn’t matter what *we* wish to be different, its all about her quality of life and what she needs from her perspective now.

Now onto the badness…

As I write this, you may be shocked to discover I smoke, and have done for years. And so has my husband. I actually started on a school trip of all things (rebel child) behind a fire station in Germany. I’m not a heavy smoker, nonetheless it is an entirely vile disgusting habit, but there you go, my halo is often supported by my horns when it slips 🙂 Me and Mr F have decided that enough is enough, we are quitting as of midnight. We are no longer smokers. We are non smokers. So if my posts are weirder than usual or more garbled, be gentle with me, it’ll be a temporary blip as I go cold turkey. How appropriate for this time of year…

Its been a challenging but most amazing year 2012… I turned 40, married the love of my life Mr F after more than 19 years together, 18 of those years engaged (well we needed to be sure LOL) and got to work with you lovely people and be constantly amazed by the synchronicities and wonder of our Universe.

So with love and a steely determination – I wish you all a wonderful 2013 full of great adventure, and no challenge shall be big enough to make anything go ping unless we give it permission!I certainly do not intend to go ping. But I quite fancy ticking off at least 3 things from my bucket list and am continuing to practice gratitude for all things in this coming year.

Happy New Year!

Rachel xx

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