The festive period has snuck up on me…

After a mega hectic two months and with two relatives in hospital this week and lots to do its time for me to stop worrying about my email reading backlog and cease chasing my tail work wise. I was told this morning by my guides to just let go and switch off to spend time with the family until January.

So I’m listening… I’m now “closed” until January 2nd. I had a higher number of email requests come in during one week in November which was wonderful….but created a huge backlog as I have to fit them in around my full diary of one to ones and phone readings too.

I have to admit to myself despite all my denials, and wearing of underwear outside my tights a la Wonderwoman (well I did wear a tiara in November!) there really are only 24 hours in a day 🙂 So to anyone waiting for their email reading please accept my sincere apologies… I promise it shall be with you first week of January my lovelies.

Have a wonderful festive period and cherish your loved ones both here and “upstairs”. Lots of love to you all xxx

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