Soul Groups

Every one of us has a group of souls we are spiritually connected to, just that little more than we are connected with the collective consciousness. A group we are meant to connect with in both the spirit world, and here by choice in physical form. This is our soul group.

The group could be you, and one other person, several people or a much greater number. Our spirit guides are also part of our soul group. We agree to connect and enable each other to learn a lesson or many lessons depending on how long we have arranged to be in each others lifetime. This is why some people are only fleetingly but intensely involved in our lives, then move on.

People from our soul group come into our lives at seemingly random times, but in fact these meetings were prearranged between us in spirit before we came here. We all wish to have similar spiritual evolutionary intentions, goals and experiences and work together within each group. Like a company of touring actors who will play different parts in different plays. The actors remain the same but the roles are different each time. Ever experienced role reversal feelings? Like you are the parent despite being the child? This is often why we feel these things, we are remembering a different lifetime, a different role on some cellular memory level.

Maybe you have felt a connection or a pull at the solar plexus or heart when you met someone for the first time, or a feeling like you have known them forever,” an instant rapport?

Even the use of the internet has brought soul groups together, so feeling a connection with someone on the other side of the world we never met is not so strange.

However, meeting someone on the same path is not quite the same as meeting someone in your soul group, there is a difference in the intensity of feeling. Some soul groups work together on similar goals for a time, collaborating on big spiritual shifts or global events that need great healing energy.

So how do we recognise someone from our soul group?

Well, another soul group member speaks the same language spiritually. It is their energy we recognise, not their appearance because we have similar spiritual goals and purpose to achieve in this lifetime. True soul recognition.

You feel like you met somewhere before (but know you didn’t).

You could find yourself finishing each others sentences, or having the same ideas at the same time, on the same subject, out of the blue.

Verbal or other forms of communication often overlap, e.g. phone calls, e-mails…

Quite often you will feel a pull towards that person which surpasses any emotional connection you could possibly have built up in the short time you have known them.

You have an awareness when you are around this person that you are going through something important together that will make you even more spiritually aware when that journey comes to an end.

Do you recognise anyone in your life now or in the past who belongs to your soul group? Think about those people who have created these feelings in you, and even if they are no longer in your life today, think about what knowing them this time around taught you.

Whether we have good or bad experiences with them doesn’t matter – the purpose in meeting them at all does. There’s great value in all of the experiences you will have had as a result of knowing each other again in this lifetime!

Our spirit guides and soul mates are always part of our soul group too.