What is a soulmate?

The word “soulmate” is often misused these days to describe romantic lovers, destined to be reunited from the place between lives or a past life in a loving relationship.

In fact, a true soulmate can be anyone… a friend, relative, co-worker, teacher …it describes a deep spiritual connection on any of the levels of love, including that of family, friendship, a similar spiritual purpose to achieve as well as romance.

The usual “soulmate” is used to describe an ultra-compatible partner in a conventional sense, with whom we could supposedly live happily ever after in a state of attachment.

No doubt different people would have their own idea of what would constitute a soul mate relationship but I have come to understand the following:

  • Upon meeting for the first time there is some kind of physical body reaction, usually in the solar plexus and/or heart chakra. A recognition of this person on some level.
  • There is a deep spiritual understanding between two people, a spirituality, and a commitment to allow and even actively encourage spiritual growth, accepting broadening horizons and personal change, even where this may result in moving apart.
  • A deep and permanent bond of love is formed, no matter what kind of love, and this persists even when the soul mates go off in different directions or never see each other again in the present lifetime. The bond remains and transcends individual lifetimes, soul mates are destined to meet again and again in many of their different incarnations and the spirit world in-between lives.
  • There are a number of soul mates that we could encounter in each life if we agreed to it before coming to this lifetime. Each may have different purpose.
  • Such a bond can exist between people who would appear only to be distant acquaintances in one particular lifetime, but this bond has no limits in the degree of closeness attainable. Closeness can be spiritual, astral and/or physical, involving anything from brief simple contact to physical love. In the case of brief contacts, or distant acquaintances, the connection at soul level would still be constant and unbroken.
  • The bond formed is at a level that transcends individual lifetimes, it places no restrictions upon gender.

When a soul mate relationship is fully developed in a lifetime it becomes one of mutual spiritual development, progress and even healing, providing inspiration for other people too.
So, in answer to the question, a true spiritual soul mate could put in an appearance as your mum, brother, best mate, teacher, even someone who turns out to be a catalyst for life changing growth by irritating the hell out of you… in any lifetime! Only when we return to our eternal selves in the place between lives do we get full recall of our intended purpose and can assess how it all went.

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