Spirit Guides

Some advice to assist you in understanding more about your spirit guide:

The difference between Angels and Guides
Meditation download to meet your spirit guide

Read on to find out more about the reason why we have guides..

We are all blessed and guided in our every day lives, but whether we feel this guidance and act upon it is another matter!

The links above will hopefully enable you to understand more about how we are guided and how to become more attuned to receiving guidance in our everyday lives.

The psychic protection exercises, and how to open and close our psychic mind are a crucial part of becoming more in tune with our guides and the wisdom they can give us.
Some of us know and recognise this guidance from spirit already, or will come to know our guides later in life. Some of us live our whole lives in blissful ignorance of that powerful yet gentle guiding hand even being there.
Those of us who do feel the connection on some level will acknowledge that guidance does keep us on our path and prevents us from coming to any great harm if its not our time to go Home.

Our spirit guides are in fact our friends who we know, love and recognise when we are back in spirit form. So just think, how much we trust this friend back Home, to entrust them with such an important task!

We have guides because we asked them to be there for us, or because they offered, as a great friend does, to be our guide before we left the world of spirit to come here on our life journey. We embarked on our journey to this life safe in the knowledge that someone was watching our back.
So why don’t we remember this friendship while we are here?
Because that would be like cheating on an exam ! We don’t remember the world of spirit, and we don’t remember our soul friends because we aren’t supposed to start out with all the answers to life’s mysteries.

We won’t learn what we set out to if we remembered the wonderful place of peace we left behind (briefly!)
We can have glimpses if we are lucky, but no recollection of the spirit world is allowed if we are to achieve our life lesson.
Our lifetime will fly past in a blink of an eye to our guides and loved ones on the other side, this is why offering to be our guide is no hardship for them at all! We in turn can and will do the same for them if and when they decide to come here for a lifetime, or “training session” – after all, this is what life is.