There is a distinction between angels and guides – essentially they are the same in their intentions and protection towards us, but differ in their origins.

A spirit guide is a soul who has “been here before” – having lived at least once before on the physical plane. Therefore, they are best placed to help us with day to day guidance, as they know what to expect down here through their own life experiences!

An angel is a higher being, a being of purity and light from the higher realms who has never been carnate – in human, physical form. Scholars in ancient times described them as “having originated from That which is truly beautiful”

Angels are sent by the Archangels to protect us at times when we are vulnerable or distressed…they give us interventions, messages and guidance at these times, but this all comes from the divine source, a higher sacred place of purity, love and knowledge not human life experiences that guides have gained over many lifetimes.

Angels sometimes step in to guide us and be stationed with us for long periods of time, especially during times of great physical or mental suffering, as they do have more spiritual energy and power accessible to them than guides do, and sometimes we just need more. I have seen angels towering over 8 feet tall behind some of my clients who are going through terrible trials and tests of the mental and / or physical at the time of their reading.

Angels and guides all have names but often find them irrelevant… its more for our benefit that names are given.

A physical or emotional sensation can be our first indication that our guides or angels wish to communicate – how many times have you been aware of “a presence” that you just know isn’t a family member but feels safe and familiar? That feels comforting, warm and protective?

This sensation is “soul recognition” of your guides energy, where you are remembering them on a much higher level of the soul than mere thought. We have after all spent lifetimes with them in the past, and so they will feel very familiar!

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