FAQ – Spiritual

Why am I here?
I don’t pretend to know the specific answer to that as we are all here to learn different things. We do write our own life blueprint before we leave Spirit to come here. Click here to go to a full explanation of “The Plan” which gives you an in depth explanation.

What can we do to deal with the fear of death?
Fear of death is usually strongest in those who are closed minded sceptics, refusing to believe there could possibly be anything else, or do not have an absolute belief and trust in an afterlife. If we assume that “this is all there is” then death is a scary prospect as this would mean the end. I’ve had so many spirit people say to me “I was so shocked to find death wasn’t the end!”
Death is just a transition from one phase of life to another.
There is no actual death, energy just changes form. What animates us and makes us unique cannot die, it continues to thrive but just exists in another place and dimension. If you can get to grips with that concept then it becomes less scary.

Reading most of this website can help too!

I feel my whole body vibrate sometimes – why is this?
The vibrations are caused when we suddenly become open psychically without even trying sometimes. It can also happen when we have cleared some emotional blocks or problems. So either way, its not a bad thing!

Everything in nature vibrates, constantly. Every atom of our being is moving very fast all of the time. When we open to spirit we literally “raise our vibration” to meet theirs, which is on a much higher level. Imagine every atom and molecule in your body speeding up as they vibrate in place, faster and faster…

We can do this intentionally when meditating in training as a medium, but it can also happen spontaneously on occasion, especially common in meditation because we enter a similar mental state to mediumship. When we create light within our head, the mind responds and raises our physical vibration. It isn’t something to worry about, on the contrary it is a sign you are a natural medium and have the potential to develop if you wanted to.

When this happens it is important to ground and protect yourself with some simple visualisation techniques and close down afterwards. You may have already seen my section on Psychic Development, I’ve written some techniques there step by step that will help you to control the sensations.

Why me? Why do things keep happening to me I can’t control?
There are many times in life when we ask, “why me?” The answer to this is “Why not me?” which is often hard to accept,but I will try to explain.
We “write” our life plan before we leave Spirit to come here in the physical. We may choose to write ourselves a life with tough and heartrending challenges in order to gain insight and knowledge into what we can endure, what our limits are.
Only when we return to Spirit can we determine whether we learned what we set out to.
We have deliberate amnesia while we go through the trials of life as it would be like cheating on an exam if we already knew all the answers to why we are going through this terrible time, or this phase of extreme happiness.
We question “why me?”, but in truth we have given ourselves the challenge of going through it. I too have had some horrible times, still do in fact, but knowing why they happen gives me more of a sense of control – we are only as capable as our choices. We all become stronger for having endured hardship and getting through it.
Some situations cannot be altered through just free will and choice, but how you choose to accept your situation makes a difference to your happiness with whatever you have left that is positive in your life. Choose to be unhappy and you shall be, choose to accept that there are just some things that we cannot change… then live your life to the best of your ability and know you can find some level of happiness and acceptance no matter how dire your situation seems on the surface.
All things pass. We will have better times, worse times, but they all pass and more come along.
Look at how many people with seemingly unsurmountable problems just get on with life and let no hurdle stop them. Be inspired by them, choose to improve your life where you can right now and remain positive, it will attract more positive people and situations to you.
For more on why we do this to ourselves read this

If we are on Earth to learn some lesson for our “beingness,” what purpose is there in human “progress?”
Humanity has learned to make fire, clothe itself and has become most adept at killing itself.
What value comes from human progress? If we’ve learned to combat disease, cure cancer and the like, what does it mean on the “other side?”
To me human progress is all about making improvements to help our fellow man – a great number of the man made evils in this world came from an idea that had good intent behind it then got twisted.

We are given the ability to invent, create and build so that we can prevent people from leaving the planet before they achieved their purpose according to their life plan. We also learn the consequences of our actions, be they good or bad. If the consequences are good or bad, we learn along the way anyway.

Life here on earth is a big school/boot camp/science lab depending on who you are and where you fit in here on the planet.

That is how I’ve been shown life and indeed progress is perceived on the other side. But this is only my personal experience.

There is a desire from Spirit to help us when things go wrong here, they feel our pain and suffering and help us – but at the same time the help is given with the knowledge that the suffering is finite – because we always go back to Spirit – the pain will always come to an end, thats why so much bad stuff happens, its not forever, just a temporary thing to bear until we return to the spirit state again.

I’m a little psychic…Sometimes I just “know” something that needs to be passed on to someone, like a message. Should I tell them?

It can be quite hard going sometimes because being a messenger comes with a great responsibility.

If the message is shocking or potentially distressing and won’t change the outcome of a situation, let it be. If the message can change what will happen, i.e. prevent an accident then pass it on but word it very carefully and gently. No blurting!

I don’t pester strangers if I get their Aunt Ethel wanting to speak etc…. what on earth would it achieve except to freak that person out ! Believe me, I learned by experience that no matter how convinced you are of the truth of what you are saying, others won’t always believe you.
For instance – you are on a bus and you get a strong impression something awful will happen to a member of that persons family -would they believe you? No.

If a distressing message isn’t changing the outcome, or bringing hope – it is just stating a fact, which helps no-one and removes hope. However, if the message gives you a time, place and with specific information shows you there is something that can be avoided – different story. But they might just call you a freak and won’t pass it on anyway no matter what!

All you need to do is assess what comes through – will it change anything for that person to know what you just saw?

You may or may not have seen the part of my site where I describe how we write out our own life plan before we come here to the physical plane. We decide how good or how awful our own life will be, and we plan where these things will fall in our timeline. Free will and choice does come in to it while we are here too, that’s how we get between the big stuff. Sometimes as a medium you will see things you don’t ask to, such as the knowledge a person will die soon, but it won’t help them to know it in advance. You can however ask your guides as you develop as a medium to stop showing you this kind of information unless specifically asked for it.

Receiving messages about your own friends and family are the most difficult – good ones, no problem. But when it is bad news about someone you care about, sometimes the message is just a heads up for you – so that you are prepared to be the rock they or their family must lean on when they need it. Same rules apply -will the message change the outcome ? If not, take it as for your eyes only and be prepared to help when the time comes.

You could develop your skills, we all have them just not everyone knows what to do with them. I would also encourage you to be reading books by other mediums to get a feel for what life as a medium is like and what to expect as you develop. I have some recommendations here It might even put you off a little lol!

Apart from that I didn’t find any “teach yourself” type books much help, I found practice and experience made more difference. The exercises on my website and regular meditation made more difference to me and I learned them from another medium – this is why I share them now because I believe they are the foundations for anyone developing psychic and mediumistic abilities. Connecting with your spirit guide is important – this will make your work a great deal safer and will enhance your connection with the spirit world. You must learn to close down if you are constantly feeling others energies and emotions as this will burn you out eventually. You know you have the ability now, so treat it like a precious thing or else you will burn out -you wouldn’t leave a heater on all day on full blast in summer. Switching off your third eye when its time to do everyday stuff is imperative. Your guides will still alert you if there is anything urgent you need to know or do while you are closed down.

If you have some sympathetic friends who will be happy to assist you in developing, they could ask you to hold photographs and possessions belonging to deceased relatives and see if you connect – this can often help.

If there is a local psychic development circle then this will also help you so go along regularly to meetings you will find you come along quickly in your ability. One to one mentoring with an experienced medium was the best way I found to develop myself over the years so make sure you find a teacher you can trust.