Meditation Tips and FAQ

There are many ways in which one can meditate, and everyone has a different way which suits them. Learning to quiet the mind at will, or turning inwards is one of the most crucial tools in psychic and spiritual development.

Meditation is something that does take some time to learn. Focusing on the breath is easiest. Just being aware of the rise and fall of your chest and stomach, placing your awareness there.

Please do not become frustrated if your mind fills with thoughts when you first begin! Allow each thought to come, just don’t engage with it. For example, “ooh what shall I have for dinner tonight?” may pop into your thoughts but don’t start running through menu options! Allow that thought to drift away, or swipe it away in your mind’s eye. More thoughts will come, but as you keep returning your focus to your breathing, the mind does get quieter.

I’ve made it easy for you to begin by recording some simple guided meditations for you to download and listen to. I found listening to guided meditations really helpful in my development, and it trains the mind to be able to switch in and out of meditative mode whenever you wish, with or without spoken words or music. You can browse my Meditation Store here:

Guided Meditation Downloads | Your Spiritual Evolution

Learning to meditate is a major key to your psychic development.

Here is one of my favourite guided meditations – it is an ancient Zen mindfulness meditation that brings instant calm and focuses your mind on the present moment. Brilliant for calming racing thoughts and anxiety about the future, you can’t focus on anything but now listening to this. And it is free for you to listen to whenever you wish.

Free Zen Mindfulness Guided Meditation

(Also available with several others on your phone for free via my Cards of Courage app )

My Cards Of Courage Oracle App

Meditation FAQ – Some frequently asked questions

Why Meditate?
People who meditate regularly become less stressed, let the small (or big) stuff go straight over their heads, feel calmer, happier and more at peace. The senses become sharper and you may even enhance your psychic capabilities too or meet your spirit guides.

What happens when you meditate?
Real mental and physical relaxation!
Your brain waves shift from waking state to alpha state, the same state as us clairvoyants and mediums shift to. Your waking mind and subconscious mind work as one, bringing clarity, focus, understanding, peace, happiness, and positivity. Your problems seem lessened, and your feeling of contentment increases. You feel at peace with the world.

How do we meditate?
There are many, different ways to meditate. None ‘better’ than any other, it’s a matter of individual choice. A few examples:
Focusing on:

Candle Flame – stare at it, what can you see in the flame?
A crystal – feel its smoothness or its texture, how cool or warm it is to the touch
Sound. Listening to calming music, or use a mantra, constant repetition of a word or phrase can help to quiet the mind if thoughts keep popping in.
A single word, examining what it means to you, what memories it invokes etc.
Touch – focusing on the texture and temperature of something eg. fabric, worry beads, a crystal.
Meditate on a particular issue – ask a question and wait in the stillness for some guidance.
Movement – go for a slow walk in a pleasant space, be aware of your movements – each step – be truly in the moment and feel how your weight moves through your feet, how your hips move etc.
Affirmations and/or visualisations for specific issues.
Guided visualisations, cds or visual aids

How often should I meditate?
Regular practice will yield best results.
If possible, try at least 10 minutes, daily. If you can discipline yourself to do it for a few days you will then most likely find that you look forward to it and miss it when you can’t manage it. You will notice the effects very quickly and find yourself going back into medi mode several times a day – because it’s a wonderful place to be – and because you can!
However if you really can’t manage every day, obviously occasionally is better than never.

When should I meditate?
Whenever you can! At around the same time each day if you can, to add to the ‘ritual’ (see next paragraph). Whenever you get the chance!

Where should I meditate?
Anywhere you can! In the office, on a train, in a traffic jam (NOT while actually driving though!). In a museum or art gallery, walking, waiting for the bus. Be selective about the techniques used depending on the setting, but it’s fine to do a meditation on the moment, for example, when eating a meal, appreciate the qualities of your food : its colour, texture, shape, smell, temperature and flavour.

For regular practise at home you may want to designate a particular space. This could be a cushion on the floor, a corner of the garden shed or a whole room. Perhaps you’d like a little meditation altar and furnish it with things you love. Candles, incense, crystals, aromatic oils, a small bell, some feathers, stones, flowers, twigs – whatever means something to you. Performing a ritual such as lighting candles, burning incense , ringing the bell, playing your singing bowl or a gentle piece of music will eventually shorten the time it takes for you to reach a meditative state, because you will become ‘conditioned’ by the ritual and go within without any effort.

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