Closing Down

Please be respectful when directing any thoughts or words to Spirit, even if you are scared or you feel as if an unpleasant entity means you distress and deserves to be shouted at. All you are doing is the spiritual equivalent of poking an angry dog with a big stick! Be calm, respectful and polite, no matter what you feel is justified. I speak from more than 27 years of experience!

I’ve recorded a step by step guided meditation for you to make this easy – you can download it here:

Download your Closing the Psychic Mind guided meditation here

I also use something I call the “Golden Hand” to quickly rid myself of energy I do not wish to carry, energy that is from others around me or an unpleasant environment I just left. Remember, this energy from other people and places can accumulate and become part of our “baggage” when it was never ours to carry! So it is essential to our spiritual wellbeing to rid as we go and don’t let it accumulate.

The Golden Hand Technique:

This can be performed anywhere and is great as a fast “emergency cleanse” measure.

Sit or stand with feet flat on the ground, barefoot is best if circumstances permit. If you can, close your eyes and focus only on your breathing for a few moments, let everything else fade into the background, listen and feel the breath as it goes in and out… in and out… slow, measured, even breaths, no force or effort, just natural, slow breaths.

Now visualise a huge flat glittery golden hand, full of golden light glowing from within. It is as wide as you are… really see it floating above the crown of your head, palm down. Gently instruct the hand to move down through your body, much like the plunger in a syringe does, pushing down all the current situation’s negativity, and the day’s crud, and negative feelings and experiences, all the stress and tension down through the body as it goes, slowly continuing down through the legs and feet where finally the crud is released into the earth to disperse and be transformed into positive energy again.

I use this one quite often too as it doesn’t take long and works nicely in between readings or before an investigation at night.

Use these techniques every day …and with practice you will be feeling more in control. It takes time, and practice, so be patient and persevere!!  It works for hundreds of people all over the world.