Psychic Development Techniques

I highly recommend reading this article this you? Symptoms of Spiritual and Psychic Awakening

Now on to some stuff you really need to know about developing psychic and mediumship ability…

I believe we all have psychic ability… to varying degrees. Some people naturally have more aptitude for it than others. Some people are hugely intuitive and never acknowledge it, some are scared of their sudden natural abilities and ignore them, some might wish to develop them once they realise they can. However, developing psychic and mediumistic ability is not for everyone. Just as some people become concert pianists or amazing gymnasts, it takes a lot of dedication and practice to turn natural ability into being a competent and ethical medium or psychic.The keys to safe psychic and mediumistic progression and development are

Personal responsibility




There is no overnight path to becoming a medium. It is essential to learn how to control how to open and close your psychic mind at will, to know when it is appropriate for you to be open and when to be closed, and to work with respect for spirit and for the greater good of others in all you do as a medium.

By learning to protect yourself and enabling yourself to “open up” and “close down” at will, you can avoid psychic events taking over your life 24 – 7.

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If you stay “open” all the time, you are not only attracting spiritual and psychic energies to you day and night, you are also emitting energy from your own aura. This is draining and will lead to mental & physical burn out. You can become run down, sleepless and generally unwell, learn to recognise the signs! Imagine leaving a powerful heater on maximum burn all the time, something will give out and go “ping” for good eventually.
As I’ve already mentioned, your mediumship comes with great responsibility, and a big part of this is your level of commitment to ongoing development. Ask yourself if mediumship is really for you? Is this something you wish to make a fulfilling part of your life path for the rest of your life?


Your commitment to responsible and ethical mediumship practice is of major benefit to you –and key to avoiding unwelcome or inappropriately timed communication or “bad” experiences. I believe it is extremely dangerous to dabble in spirit communication without arming your mind with the protection it needs, and you can learn some of that here, and in my 1-2-1 mentoring sessions. Everyone has different ways of learning, different strengths of ability so you will get better results in your practice because I tailor the advice to your unique needs. We can do this by phone, Skype or in person in Hertfordshire.

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Spirit on the whole respect your mental and physical space, and if you ask not to receive certain methods of communication, your wishes are generally respected and complied with. For example, in certain situations I prefer Spirit not to materialise in front of me, so I ask them to speak to me or show images and channel emotion to me instead.

Of course, Spirit communication is always 100% on their terms, not ours – they will not be “summoned” by any medium – no matter what anyone else claims, this is truth. It is after all the ultimate essence of the souls’ freedom to be back in spirit form.
There will be rare times when strong (but friendly!) Spirit will find a way to get a message through at what may seem like an inappropriate time, even when you are closed down. This is where your sense of responsibility will be called for most… I really don’t recommend rushing up to complete strangers in public places to give them a message, because they may not be open to the spiritual world and you could offend their beliefs, and – they will probably think you are crazy! If a message really has to be passed on, an opportunity will be created (engineered by spirit) so that you have absolute certainty you can speak openly and be heard receptively. I am happy to say these instances of spontaneous “popping open” in public become extremely rare if you do your protection and closing down regularly. In time you will “become” protected by the Spirit world itself as you become more and more in tune with the positive energies it brings to your life.

I would also encourage you to be reading books by other mediums to get a feel for what life as a medium is like and what to expect as you develop. I have some book and audio recommendations here via Amazon

Apart from that I didn’t find any “teach yourself” type books much help, I found practice and experience made more difference. The exercises I share here on my website and regular meditation made more difference to me and I learned from another medium – this is why I share them now because I believe they are the foundations for anyone developing psychic and mediumistic abilities.

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If you have some sympathetic friends who will be happy to assist you in developing, they could ask you to hold photographs and possessions belonging to deceased relatives and see if you connect – this can often help.

Connecting with your spirit guide is important – this will make your work a great deal safer and will enhance your connection with the spirit world. If there is a local psychic development circle then this will also help you so go along regularly to meetings you will find you come along quickly in your ability.

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Keep a journal to record all your spiritual and paranormal experiences in – include vivid dreams too. Make sure you date the entries and even note the time if things are happening in a pattern, as it helps to make sense of it all and can even give powerful validations in the future.
The tiniest seemingly trivial things can take on huge importance later on in your development so note everything down, even if it is a swirl of colour during a meditation. If I hadn’t kept a journal I wouldn’t have remembered half of what went on!

Here are some essential techniques to practice daily – these are the basics of protection and sound development. Please do them in order, and never EVER forget to ground and protect first. If you prefer to learn these steps with me to guide you through, you can book a mentoring development session here.



Grounding & Protection – Step 1 

Or download my guided meditation:

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Opening Up – Psychic Development Step 2 Meditation download:

Mediumship Guided Meditation






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