Full Moon in Sagittarius Energy Report

Full Moon in Sagittarius Energy Report

23rd May 2024

 14:53 pm UT/GMT

Beautiful clarity for us all with this full moon!

Time to take back your power, take charge and open up your horizons yourself!

This is a time of deciding what is best for us. Taking ownership of necessary overdue endings, releasing what no longer serves us.

We may find ourselves actually finding closure by choosing acceptance in situations where we didn’t get the apology or explanation for the actions of others. Acceptance of those situations outside of our control. A time to embrace “It is what it is” and focus on whatever we CAN do to improve life.

Be prepared for all kinds of surprises… and for some surprise revelations and awakenings out of the blue! Some of these revelations may create some good rebellious feelings within you, honour them, channel them into the power to make change!

If you feel like you are needing to move on and leave some aspect of your life or personal relationships behind, go with and trust that feeling. Significant, meaningful transformation is yours today if you choose it.

With your focus on reinvention and rebirth, ask yourself:

“Who and what do I need to let go of?”

“What can I manifest that I want more of”

“What action no matter how small can I take today, right now, to move towards what I want more of?”

Light a candle and think of all the things you wish to attract and manifest. before you go to sleep tonight, think about all of those things being real, already in your life and bringing you joy. Make a list if you wish, and place it under your pillow.

See what happens!

If you’d like to harness the power of this energy window over the next 48 hours, try my healing services, especially The Empowerment Booster and Eir Healing which all works beautifully with this Sagittarian moon… I may still have space!

Until next time,

Brightest Blessings and more power to you…

Rachel xxx