The Empowerment Booster

Have you been thinking of booking a healing treatment but need to feel empowered and strong minded too? I’ve noticed a marked increase in how many people are seeking me out to feel more empowered, more able to say NO to those who constantly cross boundaries, and who wish to take control of life again. We have all been subject to circumstances not of our choosing in recent times, and it’s left a mark. But we can bounce back, stronger, more determined, clearer in purpose.

I’ve put together a new 1.5 hour distant healing package, The Empowerment Booster. The exchange is £60 GBP.

You will receive:

The Benefits?

  • Clearing and banishing of stagnant and stressful energy
  • Feeling lighter, refreshed
  • More energy
  • Feeling in control
  • Set boundaries more easily
  • Less guilt when saying NO to boundary breakers
  • More able to speak up and find the right words
  • More confidence in your capability to cope
  • More able to make meaningful changes
  • More able to make decisions with confidence
  • More able to manifest the life you deserve.

If this sounds like something you need and would like to experience, please do book yourself in.