Energy Report – Super New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon

New Supermoon in Aquarius

Saturday 21st January 2023

20:53 UT/GMT

This new moon in Aquarius is inviting us to dream boldly, to be fearless in the face of provocation and misinformation about the future.

We need to start or continue to do what we can to make our desired reality very real.
A wonderful window of opportunity to magically lay the groundwork for manifesting our desires in a meaningful way, living authentically as our true selves.

She’s asking us to be prepared to grasp unexpected events as opportunity to evolve.

To hell with “But what will people think?” and more of being you, unapologetically.

This new moon is reminding us that new cycles—and new opportunities to change our inner and outer worlds —are always just around the corner.

Questions for this super new moon:

Do you dare to write down your dreams, no matter how fanciful, big or small?

Stop waiting. The time is now.
What actions can YOU take to:

  • Manifest change, make a positive impact on your immediate and greater environment?
  • Empower yourself? (and others)
  • Make a list of priorities. Get the ball rolling.
  • Maybe you could make a phone call, an appointment?
  • Can you contribute to a global cause for good?
  • Do you see how capable you are already?
  • Do you acknowledge how you have 100% lived through all unexpected life events so far and always will?

More power to you in manifesting and dreaming up your chosen reality.
It really is a powerful time to move forward with hope.
Always here for you with distant cleanses and healing if you need some support. 

Until next time…

Rachel xxx