Energy Report – New Moon in Gemini

New MoonNew Moon in Gemini Today

30th May at 12:30pm UT/GMT

New Moon in Gemini is never boring!

Gemini energy works with our curiosity, intellect and communication skills, especially flirting! We are inspired to be learning new skills, delving into history and how things work behind the curtain. We are also reminded to be flexible rather than stubborn!

The New Moon in Gemini can help us to bring forth inspiring new ideas that can help ourselves and others.

It is a fun, expressive, intelligent energy, resourceful and helps us to make life in all aspects lighter and easier.

Feel the urge to write? Be it a blog post, memoir or novel, this is a good time to set the intention to start, fire up your imagination.

Make space for your creativity today.

What are you dreaming into being?

How can you make it easier?

Think of New Moon energy like a seed that has been planted in the dark nurturing soil, uncertain of what’s to come or what it will turn out to be. No rush, all in time.

There is magic in the unknown, if you surrender to it.

There is magic in being that seed that is waiting to sprout. It is how all creation begins and the New Moon is a time to honour and tune in to our creative powers.

As the New Moon falls in Gemini, the sign of the twins, we may feel pulled in two directions when making decisions. We may feel torn, heart wanting to go one way, mind wanting to go another.

It is important especially at this New Moon to be mindful of what we are saying and HOW we are saying it. Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, is still retrograde until June 3rd. This could bring in miscommunication or misunderstandings so please be mindful of how you are communicating, and try not to overreact if and when others don’t communicate well.

Triple check documents, tickets, travel plans.

Think about your words in any potential conversation of lasting importance and impact on your future. Gemini is quite impatient, but sharpens our mental capacities so this is a good time to take a moment to think over what you are saying and how you wish to be heard.

After the intense Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio we are all more than ready to lighten our load mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Its been quite a ride!

Some of us may even have been feeling a sense of confusion, a sense of loss or hopelessness. The dark night can seem long, but the light will always return.

We are on a journey of finding our way to a lighter existence.


Gemini also helps us to feel connected to earth and heaven. Being the bridge between these two states is what life is all about and we are reminded of this now.


This is a powerful time for ritual work, for setting intentions, and for thinking about our long term plans.

What do you want?

What are you willing to do to make it happen?

Trust your inner wisdom, retreat within. Give yourself permission to wait until the right answer floats up and you are met with knowledge.

Helpful crystals today:

Fluorite for focus and direction,

Any quartz for amplification,

Rainforest jasper for manifestation.

If you feel the need for some guidance, I have 30 or 60 minute calls available this week so if you’d like to talk with me, or would love a soothing distant treatment of some kind, just book yourself in here.

Be gentle with yourself, and more power to you!

With love

Rachel xxx