Energy Report – New Moon in Pisces

This New Moon in Pisces is beautifully light.

It will bring in energies of dreamy sweetness – some much needed neutraliser to the angry and fearful war energy sweeping over the planet. We can meditate upon sending love and healing to all war-torn places and peoples and amplify it’s effect.

Pisces energy is that of daring to be the dreamer who makes those dreams reality. An ideal day to focus mindfully on bringing calm, creativity and spiritual expansion into your life and the lives of those you love. Are you ready?

We are very much pulled to focus on expanding, evolving and heightening our magical and intuitive abilities, so don’t be surprised if you know things without knowing how you know them! Any efforts placed in learning new spiritual subjects and skills this next week or so will yield amazing results and evidence. (You know where to book in if you’d like some mentoring!)

New moons give us a unique window of time that allows us to set our intentions for the future with less effort. Our words, thoughts and intentions flow more clearly, with little resistance.

We may even receive some unexpected opportunities around this new moon!


Questions to ponder:

Do I truly trust the universe to deliver? If not, what limiting beliefs do I need to dispel?

Dare to Dream – If I could fearlessly create anything I wish, snap my fingers and my world would magically morph, what would this new life look like?

What lights me up spiritually?

What do I need to make part of my daily spiritual practise to make life truly more magical and less mundane?


Mantras for this New Moon:

“Opportunity and prosperity flow to me effortlessly.”

“I am worthy of abundance in all things for my highest and greatest good.”

“I trust my intuition. With practice it can and will become even stronger.”

“May my intention of peace be felt across the world. May all beings know peace, may there be an end to suffering.”