How Angels changed my life

I never used to believe in angels until I saw one with my own eyes. This was in my kitchen back in 2001 during a reading for a lady who had lost her son.

I was connecting with the spirit of this beautiful boy, my head down, eyes closed for a moment as I listened to him. When I opened my eyes and looked at my client, an angel was standing behind her, so tall his head was bowed down slightly looking at me! I closed my eyes, felt my heart race, and the boy in spirit said to me, “Look again…”

I looked again and there he was, still, this towering angel. Sceptic mode kicked in. Really? In my kitchen? Aware my client was awaiting my words, I began to relay her son’s words, fully aware of the angel looking down at me while I spoke, while the rational part of my mind was questioning my sanity, eyesight and pondering the possible hallucinogenic properties of what I’d eaten for dinner! I realised he was so tall that his head would be past ceiling height if it wasn’t bowed. I could see his folded wings, his hands rested lightly on her shoulders… he was fiercely beautiful, almost scary looking but not frightening, if that makes sense. Long hair… Huge intense eyes… holding my gaze, then looking down at this lovely lady, full of compassion for her in her grief. She seemed to visibly lighten, as if he were shouldering the grief with her. A few minutes seemed like an eternity. He didn’t speak, it was entirely unnecessary. The atmosphere in the room was almost viscous, like honeyed air… And then he was gone. I say “he” but there was no distinct gender discernible really. Just incredible peace that filled the entire room, fierce beauty and strength. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to put what I felt and saw into words accurately, words just don’t seem enough.

For me, that first sighting opened a floodgate, because after that I became able to see them quite often. Not because I wanted to, or expected to – I really had to re-examine my beliefs to accept angels were real and interacting with humanity.

I’ve seen them towering over people as I channel healing or attunements for them. I sense them in the room with us during group meditations. I seem to have a good rapport with Archangel Michael – again, I was surprised to feel his energy in my first ever house cleansing, and he often stands at my right shoulder while I banish unpleasant entities. I believe he works with many at once, and it is a facet of his energy we feel at these times. Each Archangel is a Source of power and unconditional loving energy.

They don’t all look the same either. Few appear as dramatically as my first sighting. Sometimes they glow with faint golden, silver or white light, sometimes in life or death interventions they find it more appropriate to appear just as we do, or interact without being visible at all. We’ve all heard tales of the kind and helpful stranger who is then suddenly gone, nowhere to be found. But there is always this slightly ethereal air about them. Often their appearance shows they have never been of this world, their eyes are slightly too big or beautiful and their build is of a proportion that just can’t be of the physical. Their whole appearance is a slightly exaggerated form of how we look.

After a terrible car accident where I believe I was saved from certain death by an invisible powerful arm that felt very real, throwing me back into my seat… my guides told me there are angels stationed everywhere, like sentinels waiting for the command to intervene. The Archangels issue most of the orders, the sentinels carry them out. The angels I have seen most of all as I go out and about are different – these are the ones who walk among us in life, almost blending in, unnoticed.

I have seen them most often as pale cream or beige coloured from top to toe, hair, skin, clothing, and they are always slender, I see them without wings as often as I see them with. I sometimes see them at the side of the road. I used to see them a lot on the drive to work when I had a 9 to 5 – the route was quite rural and scary – and I wouldn’t even be thinking of  angels, the need for protection or indeed anything remotely metaphysical – and then out of the corner of my eye suddenly there’s an eight foot pale person by the roadside as we go by.  Most people don’t see them often, but when you do, you may mistake them for a signpost as this impossibly tall flash of beige registers in your peripheral vision!

Angels appear in so many ancient religions and belief systems, they are truly not affiliated to one religious belief or another. They are here for mankind in all our walks of life. It doesn’t matter what you believe, they are here to be called upon and will help us if we ask them to.

I work with the angels daily in many different ways, from asking for guidance in my own life, to asking for their healing or intervention to help someone I love, and helping my clients all over the world with Angelic Energy Therapy distant healing treatments and practitioner courses and attunements. The guidance of the angelic realms is ready and waiting, all we need to do is ask! Angelic energy is around us in abundance if we just make ourselves aware and believe.

It took me a while to question and then eventually accept that this source of abundant, non judgemental, compassionate unconditional love and assistance is very real. Take it from someone who didn’t believe in angels, opening your heart and mind to the possibility they exist is allowing the Universe to speak to you and support you in every way possible.

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