Full Super Moon March 2021 Energy Report

Full Super Moon March 28th 7:48 pm

Big shifts are afoot! Can you feel it already? My sleep patterns are often erratic around full moon but this build up is keeping me energised despite the waking. Anyone else?

Libra energy is soothing, seeking balance in all things, but pair this with fiery Aries, and a few other astrological influences around this next few days, we may go into “eff you” rebellion mode when challenged by those who want us to jump to their agenda!

Vive la revolution!

If you feel less than free and supported in any aspects of life right now, you may feel like rebelling, (or overrreacting!) so take a breath to make sure that’s entirely needed or a knee-jerk reaction.

Perhaps a change of direction will breathe new life into that area sparking the rebellion?

The continuing suppression of our freedoms is magnified by this alignment too, so don’t be surprised if the recent uprisings and legal challenges go up a gear now. If you feel so inclined, plough your rebelliousness into activism.

As an Aries with Libra moon I am feeling this one!

Questions and mantras we can meditate upon this full moon:

What no longer deserves my attention?

“I no longer give permission for X to dominate my thoughts.”

When you find your thoughts going to past negativity, refuse to engage with them and switch to any positive memory you can. This builds new neural pathways away from old paths to new patterns of positivity.

What needs balance?

What can I shift my positive “can-do” focus towards? (Write a list)

“I am the embodiment of the peaceful warrior. I am perfectly balanced.”

What can I try that I’ve never done before?

Empower yourself in a moment with this, pictured below. The warrior pose in yoga.

If you physically can hold that stance for at least a moment or two, feel the empowerment and peace it brings, it grounds and strengthens your energy at once.

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

However you seek balance in these days around this full moon, remind yourself, your mind will always be as free as you choose it to be.

Until next time, more power to you!

Rachel xx