New Moon in Sagittarius on 26th November

Ahhh…  the Sagittarius New Moon – a  hopeful  and pure vibrational energy of the highest good is starting to build after a year of numerous challenges and painful ones for many. This is also a powerful time of rebirth for many energy sensitive people.

The challenges I’ve personally experienced have been a series of unexpected lightning bolts of loss, each coming along before we barely had time to recover from the last.

Many I’ve spoken with of late have commented on similar challenges this year too. Yet there have been some moments of pure joy and achievement and the most appreciated unconditional love of people offering help and support from all over the globe.

My guides explained to me many years ago that even traumatic experiences are so necessary to our growth, often with the blessing of a silver lining for us that we need hindsight to discover. How people behave towards us during our times of extreme challenge or need can lead to surprising revelations about who is truly there for us when the chips are down.

This New Moon is all about re-setting… and having a good think about what who and what we truly do and do not want to keep in our daily lives.

We are being urged to ask ourselves;

What is my potential?

What are my truest desires?

What can I manifest?

Do I need to work on asking for help?

Do I believe I am truly deserving of all good things I try my best to work towards?

You may be feeling like time is speeding along even more than usual, as this high energy accelerates and raises our molecular vibration and encourages us to use this to find motivation and stay inspired.

Direct words from my guides for you;

“Yes, Stay Inspired! Allow new forms of inspiration to arise within you, nothing is lost, All is useful experience. 
What have you learned and gained this year?
You have to let go of past identities and destructive narratives.
Your past attachments to those versions of you are fading.
They are not who you are becoming.
Forgive. Surrender. Release. Transform!
Many have been reborn this year. You now choose to walk your path of truth and authenticity, releasing past regrets, forgiving all you did or did not do. HOLD THE VISION.”

Sending you love and peaceful energy…

Rachel x