On 28th September 2019 we have a New Moon in Libra, its also a supermoon so be prepared for that extra intense pull on our bodies and auric fields!

Here’s what to expect and how to harness this energy:

We are emerging from a brief period where relationships or legal/authoritarian communications may have felt like much harder work than usual. If you’ve felt taken for granted, manipulated or less than fully loved, we’ve had a little planetary alignment interfering there too. So this new moon is perfect for taking back power in any unbalanced areas.

Self care is super important to heal through this blip – remember to use all the spiritual tools available to us. We have to remind ourselves we are part of the one consciousness and as part of that collective energy we can tap into that bliss and contribute unconditional love whenever we wish.

This new supermoon energy is wonderful for manifesting loving relationships and new  supportive and kind friendships. Visualise and meditate on the kind of people you wish to attract into your life, think about how they live, how they hold energy for others, where you would find these people who are truly your tribe.

Libra is the sign of balance and partnership and is connected to Venus, which I’m sure you know, is all about love. Not just romantic, passionate love, but compassion for ourselves, others, animals and the natural world too.

As we approach this loving new moon,  it is a good time to be thinking about how we relate to others and the important relationships we have.

Ask Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion for her wisdom and presence as you seek guidance this new moon. You can call upon the Archangels (especially Jophiel) and all love goddess energies too:

Am I giving too much?

Am I taking too much?

Am I being fair to others? Are they being fair to me?

Where do I need better balance?

Do I need to take back my power to redress an imbalance?

How may I feel unconditional love in my most challenging relationships?

What do I need to bring into my relationships to improve them now?


Where might you need new creative energy flow and new beginnings? 

Create a list, vision board, piece of artwork while thinking about only whatever you wish to create new energy and passion for.

Make this new moon energy your ally, and remember I am here if there are any energy adjustments I can help you with. 

Bright Blessings

Rachel xx