Super New Moon in Virgo – Making a Difference

New  moon is always a great time for any energy work to release, re-set and set a new intention for what we wish to manifest and grow in the lunar cycle ahead.

A super moon is where the moon’s transit is closest to earth. So today,  just like the tides and the plates beneath the earth, the lunar pull on our energy is much stronger than usual.

Virgo’s influence helps us greatly in matters of health, and diet; healing of the intestines and nervous system.

Virgo is integrity itself,  a perfectionist and a practical energy, in a good sense we have strong logical thought, and practical matters flow smoothly. However we have Mars stirring things up so keep an eye on that tendency as it may tip over into anxiety very easily now.  Mars and Virgo help us to get things done, ticking off things on lists… but with this new moon, whew! Be gentle with yourself in all aspects.

We also have 5 planets in Virgo at this moment, and the earth element is to the fore, which gives us the urge to do what is needed to heal Mother Earth – we see this already in recent big events being a focus with huge awareness growing.  This will prompt downloads of knowledge during dreams and meditation, huge creativity and solid ideas for long term progress… So be prepared to make notes, do write it all down somewhere!

Health matters – healing and looking after ourselves is super important in this moon cycle and must take precedence. Caring for ourselves, our loved ones and the planet will make us feel part of the whole way more than usual. Meditating with the intention to feel part of the one consciousness will yield some interesting visions too!

Making decisions that create a difference start with us and our immediate environment. Start where you can;  Make good choices,  eat good simple fresh foods, choose to purchase sustainable, greener options. Let that Virgo energy help you to organise, get your house in order and don’t sweat the small stuff that is perfectly imperfect.

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Until next time …

Blessed Be

Rachel x