New Moon & Eclipse July 2nd

Tomorrow (July 2nd) we have a solar eclipse across the South Pacific and parts of South America.

If you’re not in the path of the eclipse, be sure to check out these eclipse webcasts from various observatories in its path via

The timing of this event in conjunction with New Moon in Cancer means this is an exceptionally powerful time of renewal right now which could affect us for the next 6 months.
Many of us will be feeling it building and shifting already, it may have been an intense weekend – for 🔥 Fire signs especially!

What to expect and how to maximise the benefits:

Cancer nurtures new beginnings and growth, and is governed by the moon, so hello! Every New Moon is all about this anyway, so the two combined plus eclipse – wow!

Kindness and heart centred awareness for ourselves and others is at the fore

We will be feeling much more fearless, gut instincts on point, more secure. Fear of rejection often holds us back but this is a time of trusting yourself to find and use inner strength while feeling more secure about being vulnerable with those you trust, and feeling safe about it being OK to show that side of you.

Make the most of this week and even month ahead to replenish, renew, change, empower and reinvent!

Want more of something that gives you life and raises your vibration?

We have free will and the ability to make choices.
Your will is more powerful right now.

Choose your thoughts and words very carefully this month and have kindness and empathy at the forefront of all your conversations and communications.

What will you start to manifest?

Spiritual evolution is happening for us all at a much faster rate in the coming weeks, whether we are in the mood for it or not… it’s a shift that is happening!

The beneficial aspects of this energy window are amplified so if there are any areas of your life or well-being that need some work, now is the time to get results.

Healing work, going within, challenging our beliefs, making self-care a non-negotiable… Any aspects that need to heal will be in your face like a hungry mosquito until you work on them.

If you are willing to work on yourself and your purpose in life or healthy personal goals, there is so much gain to be had in practical and high vibrational needs being met at last. We have some planetary transits in play for the rest of this year that will help too, so with work and patience your soul inspired dreams can start to be realised.

Dreams that are realistic optimistic, motivated from the heart will be helped along by some unusual experiences that expand your mind in all kinds of beneficial ways!

Focusing on your joys and abilities bring abundance. Expand your understanding and you will be rewarded.

If you need spiritual assistance, tuition in your spiritual abilities, a cleanse or healing session or empowerment, I am always here. I do have a few appointments left this week for distant energy work (even while you sleep) Click on Book Now in the navigation bar above to see my latest availability and book yourself in.

Make the most of harnessing this spectacular energy window!


Rachel xxxx