Full Moon July 9th 2017

Well this full moon in Capricorn is already stirring us all up in many different ways.

Take extra super duper special care of your important relationships for the next week or so!

Fortunately for me my beloved Mr F is a Capricorn, and thankfully he is blessed with all the good goaty qualities – tenacity, great moral and work ethics, loyalty and being there in every way possible for those he loves and cares for.

As for the rest of us, especially if you are a fire sign apparently – we need to watch out for some of the less wonderful qualities in ourselves and others this weekend too – there may be a tendency to lock horns or kick against authority or those who seem to perceive themselves as being in a position to issue orders we may not like!

We’ve all seen that joke about burning down an entire house to get rid of a spider. Bear this in mind as metaphor for how we need to keep check on our emotional intensity, don’t burn any bridges! (Or spidery houses. Although if you saw my Facebook post last week about being woken by a spider walking ON MY FACE you may see why I’d be tempted).

I digress.

So, extra patience and diplomacy at the workplace, diplomacy with our siblings, kids, parents or elders. Especially with those who may feel the urge to dispense their “helpful” unwanted or unsolicited advice, comments, articles cut from a magazine about weight loss… as there is a danger we may blurt our feelings about that advice and wish we had not with hindsight! Beware – it is more likely to happen with father figures or anyone taking an authoritarian stance. You will clearly see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony right now.

Now let’s talk about the oodles of AMAZING energy we can call in to ourselves with this blazingly fierce full moon!

Mindful Gratitude – counting our blessings for what we have in our lives will attract more abundance than ever right now. A simple little gratitude ritual or blessing of your own design will attract all good experiences.

Some ideas:

  • If you set goals last new moon, meditate on how you can fine tune them if needed.
  • Think about your work/home balance. This moon is a good one for adjustment in this area.
  • If you have a gratitude jar full of notes about good things that you’ve experienced so far this year, open it, read them all and share the happy. If not, start one!
  • Light a fire (safely!) and write a list of everything positive in your life that lights you up. Add some jasmine oil or dried jasmine flowers and cast into the fire asking the flames to carry your gratitude to whatever/whoever you consider your higher power or source creator to be.
  • Drum! If you have a drum, ground, light incense or smudge before you begin, close your eyes or gaze at the moon if she’s visible at night where you are –just like we used to look “through” those magic eye pictures…let your gaze be direct but soft, feel the moon energy  and see where the drumming takes you. Ask for a vision of how to bring more abundance to your life.
  • We can’t all light a fire and drum until sunrise – If you aren’t feeling like breaking out the woo-woo, or living circs don’t permit  – a simple act of random kindness, giving to charity will work just as well in circulating this moon’s good vibes.

So my lovelies, armour up, shields up, but with an open and soft heart and a big smile!



(c) Rachel Fowler-Keene