It’s Been Emotional! Super Duper New Moon in Cancer June 2017

Feeling crabby?

June has been a deeply felt emotional roller coaster ride, especially for us empaths and sensitives. Too many feels!

As soon as we got clear of Mercury retro in May, Saturn got involved and all hell broke loose. So when we say “there must be a flipping weird planetary alignment” at a time of chaos and instability, this is what we are talking about!  We are particularly feeling it here in the UK with political waves and awful events hitting us hard.

Worldwide the events of the past month have stirred the pot of chaos more than ever.

The build up to this new moon has made us more prone to overly emotional thinking or allowing nostalgia to overcome common sense in the love department.

The good news is, this dark time of the moon always offers us a vital opportunity to harness its energy to change. But even better – this new moon in the sign of Cancer we are experiencing today, is a super duper moon!

This is a time for examining what we need  and invoking it. 

Commit fully to your personal goals that reflect the positive energy of the crab. This period will help us honour the most intimate feelings, our deepest desires. It also makes us feel a need for security and a sense of “home”.

The past few weeks have revealed any issues around money and domestic household affairs that need to change for the better. If you’ve felt conflict over money in particular, this is a time for that to be resolved (but watch your temper if you need to collaborate!)

If you are unhappy with your domestic circumstances, this is a good time to work out how to change things for the better. Form a plan of positive action. Sitting down and writing it out in bullet points or list form helps if your mind feels jumbled. Especially if your emotions have been getting the better of you!

You may be really feeling the urge to purge, to simplify your life and surroundings – or just finally declutter your kitchen crap drawer (we all have one!) this weekend.

Oh, and this moon is Bringing Sexy Back (yeah!) Romance is intense, inspired, feisty and especially for those in long term relationships or those in new relationships after a long dry spell – you’ll be rediscovering some new passions!  Ooh la la!

We can invoke abundance and clear ourselves more easily than we think.

Here are some simple ways to do that:

A Simple New Moon Meditation

Chaos Flush Empowerment – Banish chaotic energies, situations and people at will

Chakra Cleanse and Balance

A Simple Chakra Awareness Meditation