Love, peace and Wishing Moons…

Hey all,

Well life has certainly settled into a lovely peaceful easy going thing once again now we’ve just celebrated our first wedding anniversary and the first month in our new home. I’ve been called upon to Reiki one of the rescue horses and continue to treat her and her owner as they go through a tough time. It really is a lovely farm with lovely people encountered so far. Clients seem to love it here too!

I’ve updated the Moon page with 2014 Wishing Moon dates as this Sunday was the last one for 2013

This time I’ve included the precise times of each full moon ~ as purists like me like to get the energy boosted and maximised by doing the work on the waxing moon or precise moment its full 🙂

Busy times, I’m fully booked for everything except Quickies until December and dates filling up fast before Xmas, so make sure you book in asap if you need an end of year boost!

Brightest Blessings

Rachel xx