Hi folks,

Some of you may be wondering where I’ve disappeared to after this house move…  the intention was to be back and working by 20th September… BUT we moved into the house from hell on Sept 14th. It turned out to be flea infested and the previous owners left cat urine soaked carpets in both bedrooms and a very unclean house in all respects. It was the first and hopefully last time I ever found clumps of human and cat hair in a fridge, and I won’t traumatise you with the toilet description…

So, we then had to fight with the letting agent who seemed to think the carpets were fine as they’d been steam cleaned. And then insisted that they didn’t need replacing and would be miraculously de-flea-ed and cleansed of pints of pee with just another steam clean.

So we stuck to our guns and finally got them replaced… And discovered from the landlord himself that we were out of here in March anyway when he popped round. They are moving back here to retire in March. The same agent just sold their house for them! So from day one the agents knew we were here short term only. We were lied to just to get us in here to cover the rent for 6 months. We made sure from the word go that the agents – who marketed this as a long term let for a minimum 12 months – knew we only wanted this if it was long term and explained why. Even on the day we collected keys we were told we’d be here for a long time. We’ll be seeking redress…

Poor Lestat our cat – he is traumatised. He freaked out so badly the first night here but we didn’t know what was wrong with him at the time – he must’ve been under siege from all those fleas jumping onto him. We realised what was wrong on day 2 when I saw a flea run across his face! We took over 250 fleas off him in the first week alone. We ripped out the carpets, the concrete floor was still stinking, we steam cleaned that, used all the tricks for getting rid of urine smells – and it still smells! We had to fight for fumigation to be done, both bedrooms were off limits for a total of 10 days until these people pulled their fingers out and got the fumigation done and carpets replaced. So, living in one room, no boxes unpacked, getting bitten ourselves too and sleeping on sofas.

Oh – and we had no hot water for 5 days as the boiler stopped working… And little or no intermittent slow internet access…and no phone network signal out here!

But its not been doom and gloom…we are resilient buggers, Me and Mr F are still able to laugh, we’ve had some glorious weather and the views here are stunning …big open skies… so I’ve found gratitude too in the midst of all this yuk 🙂

Hence my absence … I’ve been taking care of staying sane, doing everthing within my power to get us out of here, getting legal help, looking after myself, Mr F and Lestat, juicing, meditating, asking the angels and loved ones upstairs for help to empower me to get us out of this lease and they answered.They always do! Oh, and hobbling about on a crutch to hospital visits for my injured knee and impending surgery all at the same time. I don’t do things by halves do I?

We will be moving again on Oct 14th to… *fingers crossed* a lovely farm cottage in a village we’ve loved for years… properties don’t come up there very often so we’ve been blessed to even find it… so please do bear with me, thank you so much for lovely positive thoughts and messages. And most of all thank you for bearing with me so far and I will be back very, very soon!

In the meantime, if you are waiting to hear from me re rescheduling, I’ll be doing that very soon, and for those of you who are waiting for me to get settled before booking in, its safe to book yourselves in for November as I *will* be firing on all cylinders and full of energy!