Spirits Do Use Electrical Energy

Spirits do use electrical energy to communicate with the living. Sometimes it is intentional, sometimes they don’t mean to be sensed but their presence can cause interference with electrical appliances and gadgets in our homes and vehicles.

I’ve had 30 years of experience with spirits using electricity to communicate with the living.

Some of the first ways my brother Simon chose to get through to me from the spirit realms were via the electrical equipment in the house. Since then I’ve had many experiences of electrical “happenings” even in homes of friends and family –and especially the homes and businesses of people who’ve asked me to investigate hauntings and active spirits.

I’ve been shown by my guides that electricity and spiritual energy are of a very similar vibrational energy… and therefore its very easy for spirits to affect or manipulate electrical equipment to let us know “I’m here!” in comparison to the massive energy required to move an object.

When Simon passed away, my CD player which never skipped before would suddenly skip on specific songs… I checked the discs, no problem, no scratches, other discs worked fine. Often a single word or line would repeat…  as if to make a point with those words, or to emphasise a point being made in your conversation.

When my dad passed he made the CD player at the crematorium skip- much to my amusement. The poor staff there couldn’t apologise enough but I loved the fact it happened – because I knew it was Dad letting us know without doubt he was with us.

Occasionally our TV would suddenly change channel or go fuzzy with interference, with the remote control untouched and in plain view, often during a programme that is poignant or even flicking to a programme that is relevant to our situation, giving a message to us.

Sometimes a light is on in a room no-one has been in at all. Light bulbs flicker, go off or even blow just days after being replaced… If I sense a presence I can ask questions once I see the flickers begin – and say “One flicker for yes, 2 for no” and we get the right answers! Some people would find that a bit scary – to me its fun because I know who it is.

At first, I would ignore, or try to rationalise away these phenomena… but as they became more frequent, I had to wonder why it was all happening. Years later as a developed medium, I asked my guides to explain many things to me, including these phenomena.

Music… any electrical gadget that plays music can and will be used as a method of communication more so than anything else in my experience. I’ve lost count of the times my CD player, stereo, iPod, Bluetooth speaker or Spotify on my phone has skipped or frozen on a track with a lyric or title that is a message. Especially so on a poignant day or anniversary. I’m getting an increasing number of people contacting me since Alexa and Google home assistants got popular – these gadgets are so easy for spirit to play with. I’m hearing a lot of stories from you of incidents where Alexa turns on unprompted (often in the night!) with strange sounds, meaningful songs or even laughter – I don’t have one in my house and I don’t intend to! Its usually our loved ones 99% of the time – because it is so easy for spirit to communicate with us this way – but I prefer a good night’s sleep, so if you have one, unplug it when you go to bed! 😀

Spiritual Cleansing and Blessing of Your Home - Rachel Keene

How many times have any of us turned on a radio in the car or turned on the TV for example …and a song that’s already been stuck in our heads as an earworm is playing? Often the reason for the song being placed in our mind is a loved one or guide trying to tell us something by using that specific lyric… and then by helping us hear it on our device, that message is delivered and validated.

Flipping of TV or radio channels can often be for the same reason…if it happens, take note of what is being discussed, played or shown on either channel– even if it is a commercial – there may be a connection you can make with a loved one who has passed.

The only real problem electrical manipulation can cause is malfunction to the point of needing replacements for items that are in very haunted places.

The normal coming and going of our loved ones, what I would call “happy visits” are mostly meant to be unnoticed and don’t cause problems or electrical interference, unless they want to make a point and we ignore it or miss it. Kettles switch themselves on and light bulbs flicker or blow a lot around this kind of event, smoke alarms, mobile phones draining, smaller appliances do tend to be affected.

However an unhappily emotionally charged visit or a full scale haunting by a spirit who is earthbound and needs help to be moved on from the earth plane can on occasion short out larger appliances, so if this happens it may be time to look deeper and contact someone like me who can assist.

I have personal experience of this – in the first 3 months of us buying a haunted house we lost the dishwasher, washing machine, cooker, central heating and TV!

The first incident was on the day we moved in – we found the electrical element was completely burned out in the relatively new oven, and several light bulbs blew in the hall and landing light fittings as soon as we turned them on.

A week later, the dishwasher died – again, a relatively new quality appliance- then soon after, the central heating jammed on full blast and we couldn’t even switch it off at the mains. It was so hot we had all the windows open and all my candles still melted!

After 2 days of trying to switch it off, we had to call an emergency plumber/electrician who said he had to condemn the boiler immediately and had never seen anything like it in 25 years; he just couldn’t explain or find the electrical fault that could be causing it to remain on.

The house was being affected by the previous owner’s son. His mum told me when we viewed the house that he had died in his room a couple of years previously after a long illness… we later discovered he had needed the heating on full blast while he was ill. I felt he was a practical joker in life and his mum confirmed it… but I also felt he was also expressing his anger at his parents moving away, and at us using his old room temporarily as a junk room while we ripped out the old bathroom. Renovations of any kind can cause even the kindest of spirit visitors to act up if it’s a place they had fond attachment to in life.

I counselled him – it took a while but he did move on gently and peacefully eventually, but not without some more shenanigans like blowing up a candle light display at Christmas! When my husband felt a presence and asked “if this is you J, give me a sign” the light promptly exploded on the windowsill in front of him. Oh and the time we had a party and our mischievous spirit friend threw a CD across the hallway at a friend, but that’s another story…

Light bulbs, fairy lights, even the ignition on the gas fire didn’t stand a chance in that house until the boy moved on. I learned how to cleanse homes very thoroughly and effectively as a result of living there, so it was all meant to be as a part of my training.

You can cleanse your home using elemental energy in a simple blessing audio walk through I have recorded for you to download here:

Simple Home Cleansing Elemental Blessing by Rachel Keene

Electronic Voice Phenomena (or EVP) is another example of how spirit can use electrical equipment to create a voice or other sounds. A friend of mine in the USA studied EVP in many buildings and cemeteries – and even captured cannon fire on tape at the site of an old battlefield that no-one could hear until the tape was played back. Clear voices can often be heard, breath sounds, and even a dog barking… as the electrical energy of equipment captures what our senses cannot.

I always o leave a recorder running somewhere on an investigation and explain to anyone present from the world of spirit that they can use the energy of the device to speak and leave a message. And they often chose to… even in the middle of a séance in a very haunted pub, someone who hadn’t turned off their mobile phone suddenly received a text…but on checking their phone found no message, and their inbox had been wiped. (Moral of the tale, always turn your phone off out of respect!)

Another frequent experience many of us have, (I receive lots of e-mail about this one…) is what only can be described as a mass of electrical buzzing…
I’ll begin with my own experience of this…

One night I was sleeping at my in-laws house around 20 years ago. I’d always felt an intense energy present in that particular bedroom, like the highly charged atmosphere before a storm… Particularly the area around the doorway. I’ve spoken with other members of the family and they have always felt odd about the door being open in that room only.

So this night… I was laying on my side, still awake… one arm outside the duvet… when a faint electrical buzzing sound began at the door, which was open to the landing.

As the room had a light fitting with a dimmer switch, I assumed the switch hadn’t been turned off all the way, so I rolled over to look up at the light – it was off. As I rolled back on my side and looked at the door again, I heard the buzzing increase… getting louder and louder, with the air in the room starting to feel more and more electrically charged as the sound increased…

All the hairs on my arm stood up… and then the energy started to move toward me. I could sense it drawing closer to the bed, it was travelling – I froze…

The energy seemed to be oblivious to my presence, with the crackle of energy louder and louder and more and more charged as it travelled slowly across the room. It was in no hurry, it passed over me, around 2 feet above the bed, and I could clearly feel it passing above without any interaction. It continued across the room, slowly, surely, not distracted or remotely interested in me or my husband… and then the charge in the air and the sound stopped as suddenly as it began, when it reached the closed window. I felt that the energy had left completely.

I got out of bed immediately to check the light switch was off – it was firmly turned and clicked off before I touched it so it could not have been due to current passing through the switch and causing some weird energetic anomaly. (My husband slept through the whole thing by the way…)

I later discovered that my brother in law was born in that room. Birth or death can open a portal in a space – not always but sometimes… and I now feel that the room was a point of arrival and departure for spirit to come and go. Also, my husband and his younger brother have both recounted separate stories of seeing a man either in that room or on the landing and stairs, who fits an exact description of their great grandfather. Neither brother had ever told the story to each other for fear of ridicule- until I came along and the paranormal became a topic of conversation on a regular basis and so it all came out one night!

These days I receive lots of e-mail from people all over the world about many aspects of the paranormal… but more on this kind of event than any other. I’ve conversed with many people who’ve reported the same thing happening to them. I have experienced the same kind of energy in places since then on occasion, but never quite as intense as that!

I asked my guides some years later for clarification who/what that was on that night… and I was told it was a happy and peaceful spirit visitor whose destination was elsewhere, hence the lack of interest in us.

Not all spirit “need” an existing portal as such to come through, it is kind of a short cut, easier, just as a door is easier for us to get from one room to another. As mediums we can create a connection or link very much like a telephone line if spirit draw close… so there is no need to create a big old door when a chat from afar will suffice. With training we can raise our own vibration to their level, and can have conversation without the spirit manifesting…unless they choose to. Besides, doorways can be used by others who may not have the best of intentions.

It takes a lot of energy on a spirit’s part to manifest or even communicate at all… so it makes perfect sense to me that they can draw on the electrical energy present here. Some spirit seem to consciously do this…while others seem to be completely unaware of doing so.

Fluctuations in electro magnetic energy fields (commonly referred to as EMF) seem to support this energy drain too – EMF have long been studied in the paranormal investigation field, and temperature changes often occur simultaneously – which also supports the theory that an energetic physical reaction is being caused in the very energy around us.

On paranormal investigations, it is very common for us to experience battery drain or unexplained equipment malfunctions in a room or space where a spirit is present. We charge batteries fully before every investigation, and carry spares with us just in case this happens… 5 times out of 10 we need those spares due to battery drain. It can affect some or all of the batteries; it can create odd sounds even in turned off speakers too as the electromagnetic charge surges and ebbs.

On one investigation shortly after the passing of a dear medium friend of mine, my digital camera turned itself on and off, sitting on its own on an unattended table. We caught it on video camera although it wasn’t clearly in shot at the time, I saw the lens push itself out and in again -not something that camera did before or since in the years I owned it!

The former sceptic in me does take the time and care to eliminate “normal” electrical malfunction as an explanation for something occurring – I’m not so naïve as to accept any little flicker as communication. For example, I know when our tumble dryer is on, it can cause a regular almost imperceptible dimming of the light bulbs – so I know to ignore that. So be discerning and go with your intuition!

So to summarise, yes, I experience a lot of electrical disturbances…but after normal malfunction can be eliminated – they are all welcomed, as just one of the many communications from our loved ones, guides, and people who wish to communicate with us in the spirit world. If they have something to say, I stop and listen…

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