Modern day science has already proven the existence of some vibrational frequencies in crystals and gem stones – we need only look to the crystal wireless or silicon chip for proof of this..

There are many of us today and through history who know about the healing and metaphysical properties of crystals and practice healing treatments with them. Although the healing properties of certain gemstones were first recorded in the early Egyptian days, it was not until Roman times that scholars wrote of gemstones as a form of medicine.

I use Ethereal Crystal Therapy alongside Reiki in my healing treatments.

Everyone is different, and you must find your own effective way of alleviating symptoms, here are some suggestions on how to use your crystals for healing:

1) by placing the stone upon the part of the body affected

2) by holding the stone in your hand(s)

3) by keeping the stone under your pillow or on the bedside table as you sleep.

4) by placing crystals in the bath with you if feeling particularly poorly. (Again, check for toxicity or whether crystal is soluble first.)

5) by making an elixir by placing the appropriate crystal in spring water for between 1 and 24 hours (depending on the time you have available). The water can be left in the fridge overnight. Tumblestones are best, and please research your chosen crystal for any possible toxicity (poisonous effect) before making the elixir. For example, malachite is NOT a stone you can use safely. Also some crystals are soluble and will dissolve in water, again, research this before you begin.

6) Becoming attuned to Ethereal Crystal therapy whereby you can call upon the energy of a stone and place it in the aura of a person or animal in the area of the body affected. The crystal then falls away from the auric field when its healing work is done. Click here to find out more about ECT.

Click the link below for an A-Z list of some common ailments and conditions with the suggested helping and healing crystals for treatment of each illness. These suggestions are not meant to take the place of any treatment or medicine you may be receiving, but may be used in conjunction with such treatment/medicine.

Crystal Healing – Ailments A-Z

Learn how to use crystals to heal yourself and others