A list of common ailments and areas of the body in A-Z order with the appropriate crystals to treat the ailment with alongside..

Addictions – smoky quartz, Sugilite, amethyst
Allergies (pollen) – carnelian
Anaemia – coral
Asthma – amber, cats eye, malachite, tigers eye
Bladder trouble – bloodstone, jade, jasper
Bleeding – chryoprase, haematite, rock crystal, sapphire
Blood disorders – amethyst
Blood poisoning – carnelian
Boils – sapphire
Bone problems – obsidian
Bowel – Cramp cats eye
Bronchitis – pyrite, rutilated quartz (needle stone), rutile, amethyst
Burns – amethyst
Calcium Deficiencies amazonite
Cancer related diseases – rhodochrosite, smoky quartz, sugilite
Childbirth complications – agate, bloodstone, chryoprase, jade, moonstone, pearl, peridot
Circulatory problems – coral, rhodochrisite
Coldness (to warmyou up) – topaz
Colic – coral
Depression – garnet, lapis lazuli, smoky quartz
Diarrhoea – rock crystal
Digestion problems – labradorite, pearl, obsidian, rhodochrosite
Dizziness – lapis lazuli, rock crystal
Ear trouble – amber, onyx
Epilepsy – jasper
Eye disorders – corundum, magnetite
Eyesight – agate, amethyst (for colour blindness),
aquamarine, aventurine, beryl, cats eye (for night driving),
emerald, malachite, opal, peridot, tigers eye, topaz (for failing eyesight)
Eyes- (watery) onyx
Falls (to prevent) tourmaline
Fever – carnelian, haematite, opal, rock crystal, ruby, pyrite
Forgetfulness – emerald
Fractures – tigers eye, magnetite
Glands (swollen) aquamarine
Goitre – amber
Haemorrhage – chrysoprase, haematite, rock crystal, sapphire
Haemorrhoids – bloodstone
Hair problems – agate, aventurine, lapis lazuli, onyx, obsidian
Headache – sugilite
Hearing problems – agate, onyx
Heart trouble – agate, beryl, garnet, onyx, peridot, rhodonite, ruby, rhodochrosite
Immune deficiency – sugilite
Infection – amber, amethyst, carnelian, emerald, opal, sardonyx, smoky quartz
Infertility – coral, rose quartz
Inflammation – carnelian, bloodstone, emerald, garnet, pyrite
Influenza – pyrite
Insomnia – amethyst, haematite, lapis lazuli, sapphire, topaz
Kidney trouble – jade, opal, rock crystal
Laryngitis – azurite
Leg cramp – haematite, magnetite
Liver disorders – aquamarine, beryl, jasper, topaz, magnetite, rhodochrosite,
Lungs – pyrite
Malaria – amber
Menstrual disorders – coral, malachite
Miscarriage (to prevent) ruby
Mouth troubles – beryl
Muscle spasms – amazonite
Nails – obsidian
Nervousness – sapphire, topaz, tourmaline
Nervous System – chalcedony
Neuralgia – carnelian, magnetite
Osteoporosis – amazonite
Pain – rock crystal, ruby, sardonyx
Poisoning – agate, diamond, emerald, malachite
Poisonous bites – amazonite
Respiratory tract – rhodochrosite
Rheumatism – amber, carnelian, malachite, turquoise, magnetite
Scalds – amethyst
Skin – corundum, obsidian, smoky quartz
Sleeplessness – amethyst, sapphire, topaz
Smell – (loss of sense of) – jasper
Sores – carnelian
Spasms – carnelian, rock crystal, ruby
Spine – (to strengthen) – magnetite, obsidian
Stomach trouble – beryl, heliotrope (bloodstone), jasper, sunstone agate, amethyst, labradorite, onyx, peridot, sunstone, topaz, rhodochrosite
Taste – (loss of sense of) – topaz
Teeth – (to cut) – amber
Throat trouble – beryl, rhodonite, tiger’s eye, turquoise, azurite, chalcedony
Tonsillitis – azurite, chalcedony, pyrite
Toothache – aquamarine, malachite
Tooth decay – amazonite
Ulceration – onyx
Vertigo – rock crystal
Whooping cough – coral
Wounds – carnelian

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