Choosing, Cleansing & Programming Crystals

Choosing crystals a very personal thing, but here are some tips:

1) When faced with a selection, close your eyes and quietly meditate for a few moments. Then open your eyes very quickly and pick up (or if online, click!) the very first stone to which your eye becomes naturally drawn. If not look at all the crystals on offer and you will be drawn to one.

2) Run your hand (either your left or right depending upon which you prefer to use) over all the stones available for selection. You will soon discover that one stone will cause a tingle in your hand as it passes over, or one stone may feel as if it is ‘stuck’ to your hand as if it is ‘tacky’ or surrounded with glue. This is your stone.

3) You may find that Intuitively you will just ‘know’ which stone you should choose and which is ‘right’ for you! You might feel as if the stone is jumping up and down shouting, “Me! Me! Me! Choose Me!” Or you might sense or even ‘see’ a light or the aura radiating from the stone and attracting you like a magnet.

4) If you are familiar with dowsing then you should be able to select the most appropriate stone by using your own individual dowsing techniques…………pendulum, rods etc..

Cleansing your Crystals
Crystals are extremely sensitive to thought and absorb images and vibrations from those who handle them and should be cleansed regularly. In order to serve you better, crystals need love and attention. Once you have chosen your crystal or gemstone, it is very important that you cleanse it.

Before commencing use of your stone, you must first remove all the unwanted, negative vibrations and unharmonious energies which may have been absorbed during its journey to you. There are many ways of cleansing crystals of negative energy and the method used is a matter of personal choice.

It is important that when working with crystals, you clearly focus your thoughts. Same goes for cleansing crystals.

As you cleanse them with your preferred method, have the intention in your mind that your crystals will be cleansed. This is paramount.

Crystals need to be cleansed regularly, especially if you use them for healing or if other people handle them.

Not all crystals and gemstones can be cleansed in the same way. Be aware too, that some crystals are sensitive to water and strong light, so research your stones before you decide on a cleansing method.

Cleansing Methods

Sunlight and Moonlight

Some stones can be cleansed outside. Sunlight affects the colour of stones such as aventurine, amethyst, aquamarine, beryl and rose quartz, while others can be placed for up to a day (24 hours) in sunlight and moonlight. The cleansing process is often quickened when the stone is placed on or near a plant. I always allow sun and moonlight to cleanse my crystals but that is a personal preference. If you can’t leave the stone outside, place it on a windowsill which will receive sun and moonlight.


is a wonderful universal cleanser. Full moon is a good time for water cleansing.
Hold your stone under cold flowing water from the tap (cold or Luke-warm water only. Never use hot water!)Visualise all the negative energies and ‘vibrations’ being washed away and only the natural, and pure, energies remaining. A bowl of spring water left in moonlight or sunlight (windowsill is fine) will also be fine. Some stones are soluble in water, so please research your stone before choosing this method!

After cleansing in water never attempt to dry your stone with a towel or cloth. Always allow your stone to dry naturally – preferably in the rays of the sun. The sun is also a very powerful energiser so if you are able (weather permitting!) do use it whenever possible.

Salt Water (or Burying in Salt )

Traditionally, salt is considered to have purifying qualities. Another water method is to fully submerge the crystal in a container of pure seawater for a few days or hours. Crystals prefer seawater, but should you not have access to it, add a half teaspoon of sea-salt to every pint of warm water – this works just as well.

Not all stones can tolerate saltwater – it can damage some. Again if in doubt research your stone, or use a bowl of spring water to place your crystals in moonlight (on a windowsill if outdoors is not an option).
Amethyst / Citrine can cleanse other crystals:

Beds, Clusters , Cathedrals and Geodes are all excellent for cleansing. An easy way of cleaning small stones is to place them on an amethyst or citrine cluster, or inside a geode or cathedral . If possible, cleanse the amethyst or citrine in rain or moonlight every month or two.
Smudge or Smoke method

The “smudge” method of cleansing gems and crystals is to pass the stones through the smoke of herbs or incense:

Hold your stones either one at a time or all together in your hand and pass them through the smoke. Turn the stones and keep passing through the smoke until all areas of the stone have been exposed to the smoke.

Any sage or Sweet grass smudge sticks are ideal, but you can buy or make your own bundles of dried herbs for smudging as per your personal preference. Prairie Rose incense is a gentle cleansing smoke, ideal for cleansing crystals in conjunction with Reiki.
Soil – Bury the stone in the earth in your garden. The magnetic energy field in the earth itself will ‘cleanse’ your stone of all its negativity very effectively. If you have no garden, a pot of soil on the windowsill inside or out is just as effective.


Cleansing your crystals in a Tibetan singing bowl is another option, as its pure sound is a “clearer” and raiser of vibration in any space.

Programming your crystals

Programming a crystal means allowing new energy to flow into the crystal from you to attune the stone to your energies.
You can visualise pure white universal light flowing down your arms into your hand and filling your crystal.
You then ask the stone to work for you and your intent, continue to reflect that energy in your personal space and place it in a space or about your person where you feel best and instinctively that it needs to be to do its purpose. Reiki can be used to assist you in programming the crystal to you.

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