Energy Report – New Moon in Taurus


New Moon

New Moon in Taurus

Friday 19th May – 16:53 GMT

After that humdinger of an intense full moon, this new moon in Taurus is just the panacea we need to soothe the soul!

It’s also a really powerful time for manifesting, more so than usual as new moon energy is always a good opportunity for creation, so when we speak something into being we need to be careful what we wish for! I always choose my words carefully at times like this, as sometimes we may just get what we wish for in a way we weren’t expecting or turn out to enjoy. Let’s just call it “No Disrespect Friday” 😊 Just to be on the safe side…

Lovely earthy Taurus brings us all we need to comfort ourselves, to feel safe and secure, and revel in some pleasure and peace. Oh the relief when we allow ourselves that!

We’ve been bombarded by solar flares very recently, which has just exacerbated any tiredness and tetchiness we’ve been trying to fend off, so this is a welcome reprieve to float in the moment and just be. I call these “Fuck It!” moments – nothing matters, whatever has been bothering us like a persistent mosquito, just chuck it in the fuck it bucket and take some time out to do whatever brings peace for an afternoon or day. Life will continue, the world will not stop turning. But our sanity requires it 😊

Try to avoid the stubborn old response of “But I’m too busy!” as the response to that statement is “Because you choose to be.” If you were suddenly incapacitated for a day, a week or longer, solutions would be found to whatever keeps you busy now. Wearing busy-ness like a badge of honour is a certain track to unhappiness long term. Rest and pleasure are just as essential parts of the human experience as selflessness, and we have a duty to ourselves to incorporate them into our daily lives to be a more effective giver of care for others.

Questions to ponder on this new moon:

  • Do I rest enough? Where can I make regular time for more moments to just “be”?
  • What do I wish for more of? Show me how and where I can realistically manifest it all. (Meditate on this. See what comes to you, it may surprise you, it’s worked wonders for me).
  • Where (or with whom) do I need to lovingly assert myself more?
  • What would bring me more daily pleasure? Focus on your sacral chakra just below the navel while you ask and wait for the answer.

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Until next time…

More power to you!