New Moon in Aries – Energy Report

1st April at 07:24am UT/UK time

Creative energy abounds!

You’ll be able to see creatively past any challenges and work around difficulties rather than feeling pessimistic about possible outcomes. Part of this will be your ability to accept and detach from any particularly disappointing outcomes easily, rather than fixate on why something didn’t turn out the way you wanted. You’ll be able to more easily move forward to the next great thing and realise that a closed door is nothing but redirection to celebrate life more fully than if the other thing happened!

We are reminded to be fearless, over and over by this feisty Aries energy in the face of all the mass media fearmongering and focus upon war and destruction and the cost of living hikes. We cannot ignore what is happening, but we must not immerse ourselves in the despair of it. We will become consumed. We are here on Earth at this time to rise above all of these challenges and be love. Emanating love and kindness is how we rise and inspire others to do the same. With boundaries of course! Aries will certainly help to assert ourselves lovingly. You can say no in loving ways when tested by those who don’t respect your boundaries.

This is also the best time of year to literally plant new seeds of self sufficiency, we can grow our veggies and salad in window boxes if need be.

We can plant those seeds metaphorically too, new ideas, dreams, begin new habits and practices all contribute to our sense of personal power being reclaimed from the fear we are being bombarded with.

In being fearless, we make space for living how we wish to be, in the moment.

Spiritual practices and tools will help greatly in this. I speak from my own experiences in times of great challenge, my spiritual toolkit has kept me sane and even thriving in times when the material world tells us to despair and be consumed by fear.

Meditation, cleansing and healing modalities, keeping my home clear of negative energies, and daily commitment to working on my mental and physical health has been the greatest gift to myself, and continues to be.

No good moment in any day is wasted or futile. This is how we thrive again. One step at a time.

For me, listening to birdsong at this time of year instantly lifts me and fills me with gratitude for our beautiful planet in less than a minute.

What will you do?

Questions and thoughts to ponder:

What small thing can I do today to help myself feel in control of my feelings and thoughts?

How can I help myself to feel more powerful in loving ways?

What can I grow at home to feed myself and my family?

How do I feel when I watch or listen to mainstream media news? Where do I get my news from now on?

When was the last time I went for a walk or sat outside listening to nature for a moment or two?

Who in my circle drains me? Who lifts and supports me? I will make more space and time for the latter.

Sending you magical new moon healing energy,

With love

Rachel xxx