5 Simple Tips for a Happier Life

Like most people, back in the day I didn’t know that spiritual health and well-being was even a “thing” 

It was only through the sudden loss of my little brother that I stumbled across a path that was always right there, unseen, waiting to be discovered.

There is a path of progress for every single one of us, and our individual experiences are unique. We can choose this path at any time, no matter how good or low we feel. It can begin right now with just one decision  – to change what we can and stop focusing on what we cannot.

Starting with just one decision can bring about massive change for the highest and greatest good for you and those you love…

Here’s what I learned.

I think we can all relate to how dark things can feel and how difficult it can be to summon the strength to see hope and light sometimes. I found myself seeking information on this path  as a means to learn how to control my spiritual awakening – the psychic and mediumship ability I didn’t ask for. But what I found was much more than just coping with that. By seeking help out of necessity, I found healthier thought processes, I found we really can start moving through grief rather than becoming entrenched within it, and start to feel gratitude for even the tiniest things on the worst days. The relief was indescribable.

When we hear the term “spiritual path” it conjures up a unique perspective – it means different things to different people. For some, its belief in a higher power, for others its going within and seeking wisdom, for some its learning something new and experiencing adventure. It doesn’t matter how we interpret the path, as long as we honour the need within us to evolve as compassionate humans.

For me, back in the day I needed to make sense of what was happening to me. It was a massively life changing overwhelming time, at first I felt life would never be the same again in a negative way. I didn’t ask for or want any of what was happening to me.

With hindsight, I can see I was right… about life never being the same again. But I was colouring that with overwhelm and without consciously knowing it, for a time there I was choosing to focus on ALL the lack in life and the scary nature of suddenly being able to sense spirit rather than seeing anything to be grateful for.

Slowly, I learned to seek out the people and experiences that helped me to make sense of what was going on around me and within me.

I learned the simple but effective spiritual techniques and tools to empower myself and shun the self destructive patterns of thought and behaviour.

I turned my pain into purpose. Then I decided to keep going and share what I was learning to help people going through similar experiences.

It is possible to learn to become happier, more contented and fulfilled, and its really simple to begin creating the positive clear energy around us and within us to begin our personal growth journey. Maybe you are like me, and will rebel against any “routines” I set for myself and it soon turns into a thing that we think of as a chore instead of an amazing experience. So the key is to make these practices fit in around our life and how we are wired.

My Regular Must-Dos You May Find Useful:
(and none of them need to take long!)

1. Keeping My Home Clear and Harmonious
I cleanse my own home at least once a month to maintain the good energy here. You might find every 3 months is perfect. It varies depending on what daily life is like.

This can be done with a simple elemental blessing, or a complete in depth cleanse and banishment of any negative energy or even entities by a trained professional.
Cleansing a home that’s new to you when you move in will prevent you from absorbing all the old residual energy left behind from previous occupants daily life and all the events on the land.

Here’s why you will benefit greatly if you cleanse your home regularly.

2. Cleansing and Balancing my Chakras
This is one of the best practices I undertake to really feel alive, to keep myself clear and level, nothing is to difficult to deal with, pain management is easier, I feel in best health, vibrant and adventurous when all my chakras are spinning freely as they are meant to.  Add meditation – you will feel unstoppable!

Learn more about why this is so important

3. Daily Meditation 
Meditation can be simple, and my life has been changed by it for the better.
I’ve always made time for it because the more you do it, the easier it gets and the better your mind will function. When we meditate even for a few minutes per day, we can lower our blood pressure, feel less stressed or anxious.

It also helps us to train our psychic mind if development in that direction is what you want to explore. I found guided meditations a good way in to begin with, as your mind is less likely to wander if you listen to someone speaking and guiding you through a meditation.
Just a few benefits:

  • Train your mind to become less stressed and more calm just by listening.
  • Reduce anxiety levels
  • Develop your psychic and mediumship abilities
  • Become more mindful and present in the moment.

I’ve recorded some instantly downloadable guided meditations for you here in my Meditation Store – make sure to listen to or download my free Zen Mindfulness Meditation to get started.

4. Daily Energy Healing Practice
I use several different healing modalities, and choose whatever I feel my body and essence is asking for on any particular day. At present I am using a new healing modality I’ll be sharing with you all very soon, and Reiki which I’ve practised and taught for many years, as it flows wherever its needed and is a very effective tool to speed up recovery from any frequent knee issues and get my mindset to rise above pain.

Learn more about how Reiki healing benefits us all

5. Good fuel for my body – The 80:20 Principle

So… I don’t know about you but we all want what we can’t have from time to time right? I will rebel against myself if I place my relationship with food into a state of denial. If I know I can have something a little indulgent whenever I wish, I indulge less. So my only rule is this. 80% of my food and drink has to be of optimal nutritional value. Unprocessed, preferably organic and I’ve become vegetarian. I have no problem with people eating meat, my body just decided it wasn’t going to digest meat easily so I went veggie to help myself feel better. So, as long as you know where your food has been grown or reared and it is ethically sourced and cared for, have whatever you wish. I hide all the icky tasting stuff like spirulina and supergreens in my delicious cacao based Ninja smoothies. No-one enjoys drinking something that tastes like pond scum…

The other 20%? I will enjoy chocolate, coffee, my husband’s amazing cupcakes on occasion and will not deny a craving… I’ll indulge it a little because then I won’t go full rebel!

I don’t own scales because the numbers mean nothing, just as “diets” don’t work long term. But by following that simple guide and change of lifestyle for good I am now half the size I was 5 years ago and am still going.  I have lost over 280 lbs so far and still have a long way to go but its effortless when you make everything you eat tasty and simple, as unprocessed as possible, never go hungry – your body thanks you and feels amazing.

It only takes one initial decision to change something for the better and change your path forever.  I would love to help you with that.

I’ve reorganised my list of services, courses and therapies into easier to navigate sections here – do take a look at what I can do to help you, whether its getting your home or business space and personal energy into the best condition possible to begin working on your spiritual evolution, a spiritual awakening guidance session in person or via Skype or just contact me for advice on what you may need if you don’t know where or how to begin.