Full Moon In Gemini Plus Lunar Eclipse

Today is a full moon in Gemini with a Lunar Eclipse.

What you need to know:

We really have to read the room carefully and with consideration today. It’s a time for extreme kindness and care even in the face of provocation, and there will be some! Toxic relationships and the patterns that keep repeating therein will be coming to an end, possibly via some unexpected turn of events. Be prepared to be shocked but also see these events as an opportunity for a timely exit. If a door presents itself, let go, finally and run through it to freedom and lock it behind you.

If you allow the painful lesson to end you’ll see the teaching it gave you and the beautiful opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead, free of drama and living with chaotic energy.

What or who do you need to free yourself from so you can truly be your authentic self?

Chaos does not need to be normalised. You have more choices than you know.

Freedom and self empowerment awaits!

Take advantage of the free tools here on this site to help yourself, and you know where I am if you need some soothing treatment tonight!

More power to you… ✨