Full Moon in Cancer PLUS Lunar Eclipse!

You’ll be feeling this one, I know I am!

Perfect cleansing and re-set energy to kick off a new year and decade in this full moon and eclipse today.

Today all our close relationships, especially those with our immediate family and nurturing roles will be imbued with a deeper love, a new ease of intimacy if we allow. All sensitives among us will be feeling even more deeply empathic than usual… so prepare to feel ALL the feels and be OK with it! You have no choice today, its BIG and all encompassing amplified emotion 🙂

This particular eclipse alignment brings things to a head – wherever it may be necessary in your life, so it may affect several areas if there is an underlying need that’s been ignored or put off until now.

Today’s energy demands us to take note, evaluate and most of all take action, make change whenever and wherever a revelation is made. Expect a big eureka moment to happen today.

We can harness this energy today to help to bring about necessary endings in gentle and non confrontational ways – it is a helpful time for making this less painful than it need be.

So, how?

We can meditate today, setting an intention to receive wisdom on how to rise above our less than healthy habits and choices, and how to gently release ourselves from people and circumstances that bring unhappiness.

A perfect time to work on letting go. Can you? Be brave, all will be well.

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