Current Energy Report

Current Energy Report aka:
“No. Its Not Mercury Retro…
(but it feels like it…)” 

We have a Blue Moon in Scorpio coming up on 18th May. Pluto is in retrograde. It is a very intense combo of energy!

Awareness and transformation is the theme of this Scorpio full moon.

This is a time to reap the rewards of any healing or self improvement work you’ve been doing lately, especially after some out of left-field  WTF? moments and frustrations with other people and usually calm situations.

Maybe you’ve been shocked at how people have been misinterpreting your energy or intentions lately?

You’ve probably been experiencing a cha-cha of progress;  blocks… a little more progress…more blocks… frustrating right?

 Amid all this fraught energy, the shifts we have been experiencing are progress even if we aren’t feeling it.

– This full moon is a powerful revelation –

You will really see and feel how much work you’ve actually been doing and how far you’ve come too.

This is also a huge opportunity to receive guidance and clarity directly. You’ll feel hermit-like but simultaneously connected even more than usual to All That Is.

Switching off the internet, going within, meditating, yoga, breath work, especially in nature will give us that peaceful connection. Groups and crowds won’t feel quite right but alone time will feel just right and help you to re-align yourself with what you need.

This moon will shine a light to show you truths you may have been unwilling to look at until now.
There is no choice but to let go of what no longer serves a purpose.

You’ll be feeling aware of where your talents and skills really lie, or what you have to offer from all you’ve learned in life so far.

You’ll feel compelled to step up – really stand up on your own.
No more coasting, you’ll feel like REALLY shaking things up to bring forth the life you wish for. You may even feel the urge to help or mentor others to do the same.

Do you need to peel back and shed some layers?
Perhaps it is long overdue?
Do you sense old blockages and patterns holding you back?

Your vibration will be lifted …if you allow it!

I’m here to help if you need some help in cleansing and balancing your energy, even while you sleep if needed.