Moon in Pisces – Current Energy Report and Tips

Current Energy Report:
Passionate and Dreamy!

This week, Venus and Pluto link up, so passion and romance is for the taking.
Boom chick a wow-WOW indeed!

Thinking of joining forces with other like minded souls on your vibrational wavelength who have a shared vision? Creativity led collaborations toward the greater good are beautifully auspicious right now into April. As Madonna said “Express Yourself!” Rise up and reinvent.

Mercury goes retro again on 5th March at 18:18 UT (GMT) but this is bound to be a smoother one than usual. This one is more about giving yourself space and carving out time for thought and peaceful practices, which will also be helpful for the necessary establishment of clear boundaries with those people or external powers who are taking too much from you. Draw the line.

New Moon in Pisces 6th March 

Super dreamy and intuitive energy with this new moon, so if you wish to enhance your intuitive and mediumship abilities, this is a great time to focus on doing so. Saturn’s influence also makes it easier to commit to regular spiritual learning practice now, so if you believe you’ve been waiting for the time to be right to start on any spiritual path to evolve, here it is. You will thank yourself later!

New Moon Intentions

Create a list or vision board, Pinterest /whatever you like of what you wish to do for yourself this month to promote your well-being and self care. What does that look like?

What is realistically do-able? A treatment? Starting a new home study course?
Making a little time each day to devote to yoga or just quiet time?

Decide what to commit to from your vision.

Ask yourself some honest questions:

Where do I need balance?

Where do I need to draw firm boundaries?

What is my big dream and what can I do now to start to make it happen?

What will I honestly commit to now to further my spiritual well-being and evolution?

I’ll write more in March about the upcoming equinox and full moon…

For now,
Bright Blessings and lots of love!
Rachel xxx