Eir – The Viking Goddess of Healing

Thank you for all the lovely messages and blasts of healing and cards of support while I was healing from that pesky knee injury (never have I sat still with such patience in all my life!) 
it healed in 5 weeks instead of 8!

I attribute several things to this: 

  • You lovely lot sending me good vibes 😀
  • Reiki self treatments all hours of the day
  • And a new healing energy that speeded things up and kept me feisty and focused on what I *could* do

It say new, but it’s not new to me …but it is a new modality I’ve been grateful to receive, channelled to me over the course of two years.

If I were to give it a full long winded title, it would be 
“The Healing of Eir, Viking Goddess of Healing”
(but that’s a bit of a mouthful!)

Eir Healing is a spiritually empowering healing modality for everyone that can be given in person or distantly.

To understand any spiritual healing modality we need to be clear about how energy works in our universe as we know it. I believe that science will catch up with spiritual understanding one day.
It is a scientific fact that at the most basic level everything in the known universe vibrates. Nothing is truly solid.

To quote the great scientist Nikola Tesla:
“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Eir Healing is the channelling and receiving of the specific empowering spiritual energetic vibration of Eir, the Norse goddess of healing. It gives us the energetic stance and mindset of the peaceful warrior – unafraid to do battle where and when necessary in life, but holding the energy and empathy of a compassionate human being moment to moment.

How Eir Healing came into being

In 2016 during meditations and drumming sessions I started to receive visions and information downloads, accompanied by intense healing energy.

It quickly became apparent that this was not the Reiki healing energy I was used to practising for years. It had an entirely different, intense and incredibly powerful signature, with such a feeling of ancient strength, fearlessness and  empowerment. It held such a peaceful warrior vibration, a mental and emotional strength that stayed with me afterwards for a long time. I needed to make sense of it all and over the next few months I received runic symbols and information, but I felt I needed to wait until I received what was the pivotal vision and energy in mid 2018 before piecing it all together.

I was drumming and sending an experimental distant treatment of this new energy to a friend… and received a powerful vision of a tall woman with wild long red hair, a red dress and heavy cloak blowing behind her looking out from a clifftop across water toward mountains. There were distant clouds and lightning, but she was fearless, embracing the elements and dramatic weather, drinking it all in with joy and I felt such power and unconditional love from her. She turned to look at me over her shoulder, and I heard the word “air” in the wind in a gentle song and saw the alchemical symbol for the element of air which I was familiar with, but this was the third time I had seen it while working with this healing energy. I felt electrified and recognised the energy from her connecting to me at a vibrational level as the energy I had been receiving the whole time since 2016.

I instinctively knew she was a Norse goddess, but not a goddess I knew. I’ve worked with Norse goddesses and gods before but she was insisting I learn more. She truly is a force of pure natural healing and empowerment.

After this vision, I had to find out more, immediately. My guides know I like to find validation, proof, especially researchable proof of new experiences. So I set about finding the Norse goddess of healing.

She is known as Eir… pronounced “Air” in ancient Norse.
(Or “Ayvf in “modern” Icelandic of the 13th century…) I was beyond happy and felt truly blessed and grateful to find I had truly connected with Eir.

This is how she appeared to me, she asked me to draw her so we can all see her and connect with her more easily:


I sat in meditation many times to connect with Eir and received confirmation that all the previous communications had come through to bring this beautiful empowering energy forward in an accessible form to remind us we do not have to be crushed by circumstance or live in anxiety or fear states.

The healing properties of sound vibration, especially drumming are part of Eir if you wish to embrace it. Listening to a recording of drumming or drumming while a treatment is happening powers up and intensifies this energy so much.

Recipients so far have told me of powerful  energising feelings, visions of nature, and a sense of clarity and feeling truly alive.

This empowering energy is to reconnect us with that sense of knowing how to thrive, not just survive in life. How to be the peaceful warrior, fully alive and completely connected with our empathy, sure of our ability to feel we can cope with whatever life experiences we have in the present and ahead of us.

The intention with any energy healing technique is that if you can harmonise your own energy system at its vibrational molecular level, you place yourself in the best possible position to heal on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Eir Healing opens you up to the divine, however you wish to interpret or experience that in your beliefs; Eir Healing reinforces your individual connection to your higher power, brings confidence, positive attitude, vision and fearlessness.

If you are ready for some empowering, life affirming “Yes I can!” energy to come in and help you to be the best possible version of you – Book yourself in for a treatment or empowerment attunement here: