Alexa and Google home assistants – playthings for Spirit?

I’m getting  a LOT of messages about weird behaviour from the latest home assistant gadgets, even waking people at night. I don’t have one because I felt this might happen, but my phone does have Google assistant and it will wake up randomly and tell me it didn’t hear me properly. When it is silence all around me and I have not uttered a word…

I know from experiences with all kinds of household electricals and more sensitive electrical equipment used in paranormal investigations over the years that spirit can and do influence how they work. (See my page on that) Sometimes intentionally, mostly unintentionally as their mere presence can trigger things.

When I first heard about these new home assistants I thought about EVP and voice boxes also sometimes known as Frank’s Box – devices used in paranormal investigations engineered to cycle through white noise or radio stations and frequencies specifically with the intention to communicate with the spirit world. Spirit will often pick out words or sounds including song lyrics to help us to hear them.

Sometimes we would use voice triggered recording equipment on investigations and the device had recorded something we couldn’t hear because some sound frequencies are beyond our human audible spectrum of hearing. So we needed to run the recordings through specialist apps to amplify whatever sound had triggered the recording equipment, and there it would be, sound clearly there and often with words easily made out. So with that known… Are the voices of spirits beyond our audible spectrum able to tell Alexa to do something? Can the mere presence of a spirit sometimes cause an electrical blip that activates it? Or even use the electrical energy and vibrational frequency to create sounds like laughter? I believe they can and they do based on what I have seen and heard myself. I’ve even received friend requests and emails from spirit trying to connect me with their loved ones to get a message through to them via me!

I don’t feel it is something to worry about if you experience it because 9 times out of 10 its a loved one we would love a message from. (Just not at 3am please) 😀

If you want to book my time to deal with anything spooking you out though, I’ll figure out what is happening and why and deal with it to restore peace in your home!