Reiki Changed my Life!

I could sing the praises and benefits of Reiki all day every day, as it truly changed my life years ago.
I was reluctant at first. A dear Reiki Master level friend had been asking me for months to just try it as a treatment to help with pain in my leg after surgery. I just didn’t see how it could work, but eventually I relented and she placed her hands on my head… I felt the heat build in her hands, saw colours swirling behind my eyelids, warmth and healing was flooding through my body. I felt relaxed and yet vibrant all at once. Better still, I was pain free for the first time in 5 years, and thats all I needed to know. I wanted in, and started to receive regular treatments and began my studies to become qualified and practise on myself and others.

If you have tried Reiki as a recipient, you probably had a similar experience to mine, and know how relaxed and calm you feel with regular treatments. I self treat every day for pain management, peace of mind and strengthened ability to roll with whatever life throws my way. I treat people and animals all over the world distantly and in person, and I treat the horses here on the farm – Shenley our cat loves his Reiki belly rubs!

If you would love to strengthen yourself on every level of your being, to become peaceful, calm, centred no matter what, I can’t recommend Reiki enough.

There is no time like the present to help yourself, your family and animal friends with this wonderful healing energy!

I look forward to treating you and/or teaching you this amazing energy work that is Reiki!

Lots of love
Rachel xxx