What is it worth?

Morning all 🙂

I had a very interesting message in a dream last night from one of my guides, my healing guide Chandra.

Grinning as usual, he asked me to resume a specific challenge… and it dawned on me in that moment that it had taken zero effort on my part… just the absence of focusing upon what I needed, getting caught up in distraction (albeit entirely understandable) to cause my engine to stall. I’d briefly stopped manifesting what I needed for this part of the journey.

He said “Remember what this is worth to the development of your eternal self. You know we don’t get much time here to learn what we set out to. Use it wisely – now!”

A timely reminder to me, that I thought I would share today.

What is it worth to you? Today, taking a step, no matter how small toward the responsibility of your own spiritual well-being?

If we meet the universe half way with any effort on our own part, we are rewarded. And it always creates a ripple effect, it spreads like an infectious giggle to the spiritual upliftment and well-being of those around us when we work on ourselves.

Can we ever place a price, be it monetary or energetic – on what we can do now, here, today to bring us closer to our divine purpose and spiritual happiness?

Seize the day my friends, even if it is baby steps, do whatever is in your power to bring purpose and well-being on all levels into your life. If I can help you with that – you know what to do…

Bright Blessings

Rachel xx