Mind Over Matter…

Happy Monday lovely people…

I’d like to share a bit of what’s working for me personally right now, see if it can help you too…

Right now life is teaching me all about getting my mind above the things I cannot change, such as physical pain and the approaching loss of a dear friend.

I’ve been using my morning meditations and Reiki combined, and asking Archangel Michael and Raphael to help me to do my best work… to stand in my power in gentle ways… setting this intent as I begin each and every day to shift my mindset and equanimity to a higher consistent level. The sense of being able to cope with whatever new challenge I face is getting much stronger every day as a result.

For those of you who are Reiki attuned, try switching on your Reiki, do your hatsu rei ho practice then leave yourself switched on while you meditate, asking for the Reiki flow to strengthen your resolve and ability to mindfully and easily flow with whatever comes to you today… you’ll see what I mean 🙂 Remember to switch off and ground yourself when you are done too. Sometimes the Reiki turns off and lets you know when its done before your meditation ends though.

Guides said: “We cannot bend around our problems, we will break. Instead we have to change, to allow ourselves to get around each problem, challenge or issue without them becoming obstacles to slam into. You need to be a bit more Bruce Lee Rachel 🙂 You always flow like water… but now it is time to channel the power of water… formless but with the strength to endure and carve your own pathway with persistence…”

Gotta love my guides, they use what I know and look up to 🙂

So, today and every day, I am even more committed to flowing like water baby, flowing like water 🙂

Bright Blessings

Rachel xx