I have mostly been doing phone readings 🙂 which has worked out perfectly seeing as someone turned up the thermostat in Hades and my British constitution and Celtic skin doesn’t tolerate the 90 degree + heat very well – so no makeup and sitting in front of the fan while I work is for me! I’ve released some more appointments for the coming week on my calendar.

Mr F is painting the living room and kitchen this weekend – insanity in these temperatures but who am I to persuade him to stop when the dove grey will look so lovely when its done? heheh… gives me time to answer emails – but I promise I do switch off too 🙂

I’ve had some lovely and powerful messages from the other side and validations this week from my clients. Had a dream visit from my Dad earlier in the week, we hugged and I cried and he told me things just as he would in life… I needed that! One client’s Dad made such a wonderful loving connection, he gave me his name immediately and helped others come through to pass on messages to loved ones the client knew too… never ever ceases to amaze me how they see the pathways to get their messages across! He also validated a moment special to his daughter where she felt close to him after his passing, he described where she was and what she was doing and this meant the world to her as she’d hoped he was there… he certainly confirmed he was!

I got this lovely feedback today:

“I wanted to say thank you for the reading yesterday. I passed the message on to my friends whose dad is a train driver. The pumpkin/Halloween reference was his birthday! xxx is the name of the train he built & xxx could refer to his surname or xxx – the name of his other train!! They were so happy that a message cane through & said its made their weekend…So thank you.”

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Have a great weekend folks

Love and Brightest Blessings