Hi folks,

It always astounds me what comes through during a sitting, 22 years in and readings never gets old or “samey”. The particularly amazing ones tend to involve loved ones finding a way to show us proof of who we’re talking with. The really amazing ones to me anyway, are when animals convey their emotions from Spirit.

Our animal friends go to the same place we do, and they will always be part of the welcoming committee when our time comes to cross over from this life. If we ever wonder if they love us as we love them, well, I’ve seen and felt so much love and gratitude and loyalty from animals in the spirit world linking with the living – I know that all mammals are capable of great love and devotion, species makes no difference.

Yesterday I had the privilege of helping one of these communications happen.

A lovely client came to see me for a sitting one to one, as usual I had no idea why or what expectations may be beforehand. Almost immediately I could see a grey horse, and felt incredible pain in my leg, but above all this, I felt such love and respect for the lady sitting with me, coming from the horse in spirit! Animals don’t talk to me, but I can feel what they feel, and get snapshot images, memories, and my guides interpret and give info I can’t access from an animal consciousness. This beautiful horse was able to convey he was grateful that this lady didn’t give up on him, and that she did all she could for him. He was able to get my guides to give me his name by showing me something I would understand in my frame of reference, a well known person. My guides were also able to tell us he was pleased his blood line continues. I also learned a few things about the horsey world from my guides, all verified by the lady sat with me!

Loved ones also came through with lots of info about what’s ahead, what’s passed and unusual names, you gotta love more proof like that!

I am always just as wowed by the info as any of my clients are… and although I may not be able to do as much mediumship these days, I love still being able to bring that comfort and laughter to you lovely lot!