Are We All Clairvoyant?

I think we all have some degree of ability to a lesser or greater degree, just like any other ability in life. We all have at least moments of clairvoyance even if we go through life never acknowledging our innate ability, our sixth sense is there.

I’ve believed for some years now that we carried the sensitivity of “sixth sense” or “second sight”, down through the ages with us but that ability has gradually weakened, mostly due to the less threatening nature of daily life. Our second sight was first used as a system of protection, that intuitive feeling of all not being safe and well. Also before verbal communication came about it was a meaning of passing information to others in the community.

In terms of communicating with the highest vibration …that of spirit energies, we all have the ability to sense their presence, but the environment around us often dilutes or negates this through different factors, such as suppressive opinions of those around us or religious indoctrination.

In children, the natural ability is strong. In their innocence and recent arrival from the realms of the spirit world, they say what they see and hear, without fear of ridicule or horror editing their perceptions. There are many people who retain natural mediumship as part of everyday life into adulthood. These are often the children who were encouraged to share their experiences. I know now with hindsight that I had experiences even as a very small child, but my environment didn’t support these experiences and so I became less and less in tune with other realms until the traumatic loss of my brother blew my perceptions wide open again at the age of 19.

Young children and teenagers often still remember that there is a special connection between realities, something ‘other’ than this material world – but most generally forget and move into material pursuits to fill up their time.

Around the age of puberty, the ability seems to be placed on a back burner, while the young person experiences their worldly existence to the full. Occasionally we hear of children and teenagers becoming the focus for unwanted paranormal activity. It is rare; and more often a result of psychic or telekinetic energy bursting forth (movement of objects by a person’s energy field), as opposed to an actual spirit presence creating havoc!

Also, there are some who have research that shows that the larger size of the brain’s pineal gland in children may have something to do with their psychic ability in comparison to the less common ability in adults.

If you have had an experience you can’t explain scientifically or rationally -but feel it was real nonetheless – Don’t feel silly! And you are most unlikely to be going mad !

I too was wary of my ability at first. It doesn’t sit well with “down to earth” and practically natured folk if it pops up seemingly from nowhere, but you don’t have to be into the “airy fairy” side to acknowledge and nurture this side of self. I know plenty of people who you would never guess were mediums or healers unless they told you.

I didn’t gel with the traditional route of development circles and Spiritualist churches because I don’t have a religion, and my rebellious streak tends to surface if someone tells me to do something “their way” because “that’s how its done here and we’ve always done it this way”. I found my own way to control and enhance my abilities and got started (eventually) with some meditation techniques. (See my Meditation page for some basics). Books on psychic development and websites that support and nurture questions from newbies help immensely. I tried to ignore “stuff happening” around me at first and deny what I could sense but kept being told I was going to be a medium one day. I read books by other mediums and found my jaw dropping open with all the “me too!” synchronicities in my own experiences. I found myself a great mentor, who sadly, is no longer with us, but she was very patient with all my questions and worked with me one to one to help me grow.

Practice and using your ability will make a positive difference too, just like training muscle creates strength. After all, you can’t run a marathon with no training at all, nor can you expect your mind to become adept in mediumship overnight. So, start small, and build up!

Firstly, you need to master how to ground and protect your energy – step by step simple advice can be found here

Working on creating a connection with your spirit guide is also essential – it helps keep you safe, and they often make it easier almost like an interpreter of sorts to assist with what we can perceive. My guides work most often within my frame of reference by showing me parallel events or people in my own life to help me describe a situation, or TV characters or music lyrics and references to describe something accurately. I offer mentoring one to one and spirit guide workshops to help you with this, to create a meeting place where you can return to time and again to connect with your guide – especially helpful early on but not always needed later on in your spiritual evolution.

Make notes of “strange” experiences, thoughts that do not feel like your own, signs… I found it best to start carrying a pad & pen around if it happens a lot or use a notepad app on your smartphone. Learning to put your mind in a receptive state is key to being able to receive spiritual communication and the more we meditate and go within, the better it flows.

Also dreams show us the way- keep a pen and notebook next to your bed and write down any vivid dreams, especially those involving positive and friendly conversations with loved ones and friends in the spirit world. We lose most of our dream recall within the first 20 seconds upon waking so make sure you write things down immediately …referring back to them regularly will reveal messages and guidance we could dismiss otherwise.

Some of us get a sudden awakening as adults through trauma, or an energy shift. We are being motivated whether we want to be or not.

Hundreds of years ago to possess the gift of clairvoyance was ‘feared’ Anything connected with the subject was forbidden.
But there were those who remembered and remained connected to spirit, mostly indigenous people.
I believe that humanity is returning to an age of enlightenment in which we are beginning to see the truth, that we create our own reality. It won’t be long before our psychic abilities will be acknowledged as part of who we all are as we journey into awareness.

Good luck if you choose to tread the path of psychic development! You can find some techniques to get you started safely here:

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