Learn how to communicate clearly and evidentially with the spirit world. I will help you to hone your spiritual abilities, and learn your unique way of working as you progress along your path. Each medium is unique. I will show you how to identify what your spiritual communication strengths and weaknesses are, and how to strengthen all your abilities.

This is the perfect opportunity to learn everything I’ve learned in the past 27 years about ethical and safe mediumship.

While I was working as a medium for 24 years the channel was so clear. That comes with good mentoring and over the years, with practice I produced loved ones names, dates, memories of events in life that clearly gave a sense of the personality and identity of who was coming through from Spirit.

Circles are OK, but I was blessed to learn one to one sitting with two excellent mediums many years ago. I learned so much about mediumship from them in the times spent just sitting and speaking with no structure or “exercises” planned, just a very organic go with the flow kind of learning. I was encouraged to ask questions and felt really supported and comfortable as I learned. I couldn’t wait to listen to more of their wisdom and loved applying what I learned in my own daily mediumship practice. This is how knowledge was passed down by our elders in ancient times and it works for a reason.

It is easier to take in information when there is no pressure placed upon the self and you feel free to ask anything.

If you decide to choose me as your mediumship mentor I pledge full commitment to you.

I want to help you understand and be comfortable with your mediumship ability and make the most of your own experiences and most of all, become a wonderful, ethical and compassionate medium producing great evidence.  


I allocate 1.5 hours for each session.

How To Book:

1. Click on Book Now below or in the navigation menu and select this service from the list. You will be directed to my online calendar to book your appointment which is also confirmed by email. Appointment times shown are London UK time.

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Appointment times are between 12 and 4pm UK time Mon to Fri. Here’s the time here in the UK right now to help you work out the time difference if booking from outside the UK: