What Matters to You?

Day to day we exist… but how many of us put off the things we long to do and become bogged down by procrastination instead? We all do it… we have increasingly busy and complicated lives, we find new ways of distracting ourselves or cling to old habits rather than getting on with what is truly important to us.

Allowing the weight of the world, the bills, the trivial frustrations or petty slights against us to crush our spirit is allowing minutiae to rule our existence.

A very simple thing can bring perspective back to our lives in an instant. Take a moment right now… really give thought to this;

As I take my last breath, what will I be thinking? What will truly matter to me?

Will I be consumed with those trivial things?

Or will I be thinking about my loved ones, the memorable events in my life, what I did in the world?
Whatever we might imagine ourselves dwelling upon during our last breath, it will always be about what truly matters to us.

Sometimes the only way we can see the beauty of life is to remind ourselves that it is impermanent. While our attention is drawn momentarily to the end of life, our thoughts show us there is nothing preventing us from shifting our focus right now. We can absolutely choose to spend more of our time and energy on what gives our lives meaning right now. We can spend more time with loved ones and do more of what we enjoy. Easier said than done… as there will always be those times when circumstances interfere with our intent, but this is no reason to let life and the dross get in the way of our true purpose.