Spirits – a brief explanation of what I believe (from a medium’s point of view)..

As a medium I’ve been shown that when the physical body dies, the spirit lives on in another state, with all memories, personality traits, and intelligence intact, recalled from each and every life lived …and that the Spirit World or Place Between Lives, whichever label you choose… is in fact all around us, a different dimension of existence, not constrained by space or time, where we can create any “reality” we choose to. I believe the Spirit World is occupying space at a different vibrational speed* than physical matter here.
(*Everything living , dead or inanimate has a vibrational speed, tis basic laws of physics..)

Your spirit is the essence of life, and has no physical form, but can occupy physical form (i.e the vehicle – a body of flesh and bone). However, the spirit is perfectly capable of existence outside the physical form it is housed in during a lifetime here. What makes us a “mind” or conscious being, is far more, and my belief in life after death is backed up by the scientific fact that energy does not cease to exist; it simply changes form. So its reasonable to believe that the part of us which is consciousness energy changes form when the life supporting it ceases.

When mediums communicate with spirit, we communicate most easily with people who have crossed over. When our physical body dies we leave the body to be immediately met by loved ones from our soul group who already know in advance when we will pass… they are ready and waiting by our side to gently escort us across no matter how or where we pass.

To communicate, we the living can raise our vibrational energy to match that of the spirit world. The spirit of a person who has passed on often chooses to appear to us as they would be most easily remembered here on the physical plane by us, the living. This means that a medium can often see or sense him or her in their mind’s eye just as they would be remembered, plus a description of the personality and character, any illnesses or complaints they had, how they died, life experiences and so on. Often they will choose what was considered their “prime” (age 30-40) and can often for further validation show the medium an impression of a photo that exists here in the physical world of them looking like that!

This is what the spirit person remembers about their most recent life, but is not how they actually are now, since they no longer occupy the physical plane. They can simply remember what they looked like, and recreate it at will for whatever purpose, but mainly in order that a medium can pass on the information to help recognition of them by loved ones during a sitting.

An earthbound spirit will be clinging to the physical so hard, be it thorough a traumatic death or by choice – that they can’t or won’t cross over without help. As such an earthbound soul will only remember who they were this last time around, their beliefs, memories, identity and spiritual understanding will only be limited to this last life lived…which is why I feel its so important to help them move on – a gentle nudge and a bit of counselling is often all that’s required to help them into the light of the place between lives where they can once again be reunited with their loved ones, soul group and all the wisdom we learn through lifetime after lifetime. There are exceptions… some earthbound spirits  remain by choice, preferring to wander the earth plane. These are usually ones who lived a physical life of perpetrating vile deeds, so they in turn fear what’s waiting for them in the light and do not wish to move across for fear of being punished. That’s when a cleansing needs to be performed if the spirit refuses to respond to reasoning and counselling. Demonic entities are just earthbound spirits who have been between worlds for thousands of years and have lost all memory of their humanity, becoming driven by primal, animalistic and predatory energy.  No-one goes to hell – it doesn’t exist and nor does the devil … but there are many planes of existence, including the lower darker planes where it is possible to learn to atone and make amends for the choices they made, and then get the opportunity to progress again. We constantly have the opportunity to evolve and although it is hard to comprehend in our “reality”, even the most terrible experiences we can have here teach us something spiritually enlightening… and we can use our free will and  choice at any moment to shape our perception of what happens to us – that is why we experience everything possible over the course of many lifetimes.

I treat spirit people as I would anyone living… we all deserve the same courtesy and respect, we are all the same, we all come from the same Source and all return to it. It is very true that there is more to fear from the living than the dead!